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    Hi All,

    I know there are many of us who were in a CC and are at a University this year. I am just curious how you’re finding it?

    I really miss my little 2-year school! We pre-med students were like a family after doing two years of chemistry together. As an older student, I am finding the U very isolating. Unfortunately, even though I am a Junior, I am taking Freshman courses–Physics, Biology, Calculus–so my classes are huge and filled with 18-year-old premed hopefuls. I wonder how long it will take them to give up on that dream? One quarter, two maybe? Certainly some of them will follow it through, but I can’t believe how many of these kids want to go to medical school. I wonder if they truly realize what’s involved? Anyway, so far the work is manageable, the commute sucks, and I feel like a sore thumb. Oh well, next year I’m sure my classes will be smaller.

    I am combating my sense of “not belonging” by volunteering at the UW Med-Center, where there are lots of “old” ladies. I will be a patient escort one day a week, and working in the Cancer Patient “Beauty” program two days a week (not very medical, but I am excited about it and think it provides a wonderful service). I’d love to get involved in research too, but think I may have to wait until next year for that.

    Anyone else?



    Val I never went to a community college but my undergrad is not that huge (about 6000 students total) so we all know each other. I tend to not pay to much attention to the freshman pre-meds until they are past organic chem. I know it may seem kind of snobbish but most of them fall of the wagon during gen chem 2 or organic 1. Once they are past that hurdle then we consider them true pre-meds for by that time they are well on their path to pursuing medicine. One thing that the seniors have noticed is how clueless some of these pre-meds are (regardless of age) they really do not understand all that is involved in gaining acceptance to medical school. Here at my school with have an XEM (ACS chemistry club) chapter that gets really involved will all pre-professionals, we hold seminars, kids in chemistry, bring in speakers, adcoms, etc. So we do try to inform the masses of what is needed to gain entrance into any professional school and yet some do not get the picture. They have this idealized image of what a physician is without realizing how unglamorous the profession really is. Many have never set foot in a hospital much less volunteered in anything meaningful so trying to explain to them the importance of this is sometimes quite impossible. Overall though, once they have climbed their way to junior/senior then they do know what it takes to get in. Sad to say my school does not have the best statistics of getting in due to poor MCAT scores, folks here tend to assume that the MCAT is like just another undergrad exam. The fail to take many many mock exams and go to the real text with either no practice exams or just two. This year hopefully (my good friend is applying) we will see that change. We have some fairly assertive and bright students that took the August MCAT so we will see. Sorry for the long post, but just keep your eyes on the ball (which I am sure you are doing) and wait until some of the pre-meds have passed some of the weed out courses. By then I am sure that you will have seen more rapport with your peers. Good luck. [LIST]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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