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    But, of course, I’m worried. I’m 30, with 2 children (who are very small).

    I am about 2.5 years through another undergrad degree and have a very successful career in another industry.

    However, I’m finding I’m dissatisfied with my career and have deep regrets about not pursuing my desire to become a doctor.

    I’m a non-traditional student and mother, and am preparing for a career shift.

    My question (finally she gets to the point) – Can one pursue a bachelor’s in nursing and still apply to medical school? Does this help or hinder my chances of being accepted in medical school (versus pursuing a bio/chem undergrad).

    Reason – I’m trying to manage personal and financial risk.

    Does anyone have any input on this? I am certain I will become a physician in the future. It may take me several years, perhaps decades to realize this dream. But, I’m patient and dedicated.

    Thanks so much!
    Best –


    You most certainly can pursue medicine via a nursing background, but its not the easiest. Also, some would say its not the wisest choice if you know you’d truly be happier as a physician.
    I am a nurse for nine years and an NP for two. I didn’t start nursing school with the conviction that I would eventually pursue medical school admission. Although I liked the idea of studying med, I thought I would find the intellectual and personal satisfaction in nursing. I very much believed that I could find my way in a nursing role. Experience and continued personal growth have changed my opinon. I know I’d be a better ME if I go on to medicine!
    I know that I have clearly said that can be a good route to pursue. It certainly CAN be given the right mix of circumstances! Just being in the environment gives you opportunities to network and a chance to develop some very valuable (read: moonlighting and $ during med school) patient care skils.
    However, do realize that nursing and medical mindsets and training do diverge. Its hard to wear two hats as once (as most NPs must do.)
    The plus side:
    I know quite a few nurses who have gone on to medical school and have very happy careers (its quite rare for nurses to hate what they are doing once they become docs).
    My advice is go study the most rigorous scientific courses you can, whether or not you pursue nursing school as well. Very best of everything!


    If you already have a successful career in another area, can you work part-time in that area while pursuing your degree? Can you use your skills in that area in a health care related manor for the short term? I too would recommend fullfilling the regular pre-med course requirements unless you are actually considering a switch to a nursing career.

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