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    I’m forwarding this…. starting med school would be great!


    My name is Tolani Holmes and I am a Segment Producer for a new television show called “Life Moments.”

    I am writing you in my search for remarkable women. We are looking for uplifting stories about women who are going through some kind of “moment” that can be captured on camera. Everything from culinary competitions, graduations, health recovery, new careers etc. we are looking for all types of stories.

    If you know of a woman who has a great story and would like to share her story please send them my way.

    If you have any questions or would like any additional information please feel free to contact me at or (818) 255-9288.

    Below please find more information about the show.

    “Life Moments” is a new hour-long syndicated daytime television show that will begin airing weekdays in September 2002. Produced by Pie Town Productions in association with Paramount Domestic Television, each episode of “Life Moments” will celebrate real women as they face incredible, empowering moments in their lives. Pie Town Productions produced the highly-acclaimed and Emmy Nominated documentary series “A Baby Story”, and will bring the same level of sensitivity and integrity to “Life Moments.”

    We are looking to recognize ordinary women who have overcome extraordinary circumstances and are now about to experience the moment or event that marks the turning point in their journey. We want to capture that moment as well as tell the story of how each woman got to where she is today. It¹s essential that the participants have an upcoming event, something that is yet to happen, that either represents the culmination of the her efforts, or is a major turning point in her life.

    “Life Moments” offers the rare opportunity to profile exceptional women. The participants will tell their story in their own words, and in the process, will inspire viewers and provide much needed encouragement for women trying to overcome similar challenges.

    Our crews are minimal, consisting of a director, camera person and soundperson. Typically, we will shoot one to two days, depending on the story. As is usual with most television series, we are under a fairly tight time deadline and so we would appreciate you getting back to us at your earliest convenience.

    If you know a woman about to experience a “Life Moment”, this is a great way to honor her achievement!

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Tolani Holmes
    Segment Producer
    Pie Town Productions
    5433 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
    North Hollywood, CA 91607
    (818) 255-9288 tel
    (818) 752-7715 fax

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