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    I am a British grad trying to get unstuck and start studying for my USMLE exams. I graduated nearly 7 years ago and haven’t done too much medical since. ( I have a special needs child who takes up so much of my time.)

    I am seeking a flexible study partner to keep myself on track/discuss books/courses with etc. I live in the DC area and could meet up to study too.

    My goal is to start today! ( if I put it in writing maybe there is some hope!) and to get both USMLE exams and the clinical test out of the way before Christmas.

    Let me know if you would like to join forces. I speak a little French and German if that would help.


    hEY….Nice to hear of another brit attempting to get back in….I graduated 1998 from UK got married in 2000 and have 2 wonderful kids. I have been fulltime SAHM…but am now hoping to get exams done by within next 9 months or so…planning step 1 in August.
    Drop me a line…it would be good to give each other support…Afraid it will be difficult to get together though as I am in Bay Area, CA 🙂


    Would love to talk about books, course, Kaplan etc. What have you used, what is not worth the $$$.

    I graduated in 1998 too. Which school? I did St. Andrews/Manchester, then switched to Leicester after I had my son.

    Send me a private message, or reply on this forum.

    I was living in CA until quite recently, shame, but email support would be great!


    hey nice to hear from u!

    I was at Kings in London.
    I am doing Kaplan notes, First Aid 2006(must have)and questions++++
    I have 2 kids and it is pretty difficult to get solid studying done…but when there is a will there is a way….so any free second I get I am trying to read. Looks like I have missed the boat for this year but am aiming to get the exams done for next years match.
    Have been outta touch for a while so need to hop back in asap…
    email me at (email address deleted by forum admin).
    Take care!
    p.s I am in Bay area right now…where were u in CA?


    Thanks to you both! I do have an iPod so I will see if I can get some flashcards on it..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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