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    Brooke TroutBrooke Trout

    I need some input on which way to go for my undergrad courses. Here’s my dilemma. I realize only “I” know what is best for me, but I can’t make up my mind.
    I am an L.P.N. and have worked in nursing for 4 years. I also was a C.N.A. for 4 years prior. So, I am not overly concerned about experience requirements. I plan to continue working per diem through school and keep my BLS, ACLS, PALS, and TNCC current.

    I can’t decide what to do now that I am returning to school. I have two options.

    1) I could bridge into the A.D.N. program. That means that I have 6 required courses to complete by next Fall, not too heavy of a load. I would have to take a bridge course prior to admittance. It is offered once a year during the spring semester. Once in that program, I would have a guarenteed spot if I complete the bridge course, I would graduate with an R.N. in May of 2004. I could then continue for my B.S.N. and be finished in Spring of 2005. I would have a bachelors degree. Unfortunately, there are very few required courses I could take during this time due to schedule conflicts. As a nurse with exeptional experience and the know-how to play the nursing instructors “games” I would do really well.
    2)There are also other areas that I excell in. Namely- English, Biology, and Pyschology. Right now I feel compelled to persue something that interests me. A clean slate, so to speak.

    I keep going back and forth. I registered for my classes on-line. I have the required pre-nursing courses and the highly coveted biology classes on my schedule. Obviously, too many for one person to resonably take with two children and a 1 and a half hour commute. I feel greedy not wanting to reliquish the excess classes. They are so different and are not interchangable so I have yet to make a decision. I have talked to advisors from both areas and they have not helped me formulate a plan.

    So the question being…do I continue with nursing, as I have a foot in and am partially there. Or do I find an area that I deem more stimulating and fulfilling? Time wise: Nursing. Less risk of burn out: other degree. Ease and better grades: Nursing. My G.P.A. also needs a boost…ugh!

    Any advise would be helpful.



    If you’re looking at going to med school, then I would major in something other than nursing (had to get the prereqs for med school during a nursing program & you already have healthcare experience). As far as which area to choose? Any of the ones you mentioned would be feasible for premed. Go with whatever you like best and can get the best grades in.

    Just my $.02.

    Anyone else?


    I have to agree with Melissa if you are going to apply to medical school in the near future than why pursue nursing? Yes, I know that you would do extremely well but it seems that you want *more*, not meaning that nursing is an easy major or profession, just different. So that said, I would go for a degree like you said that will stimulate you and I am sure that you will do just as well as if you pursued the nursing degree. Keep us posted and good luck!


    I agree, if med school is your goal there is no reason for you to pursue the BSN. It won’t really help and you will still have many pre-reqs to complete–namely the Chems and Physics. I have spoken to 3 different pre-med advisors from 3 different universities who all said Psych is a very good undergrad degree to get (something like 30% of their pre-meds completed a psych degree and were accepted). So if you like it and are sure you can get good grades, I’d consider doing the sciences and completing the psych degree.

    That said, I too like English (Lit, writing, etc.) and am completing my degree in Technical Writing. I find that it fits really well with the science requirements and it doesn’t require the Calculus that most other BS degrees require (THANK GOD!). I also feel that it will be a very useful fall-back position if med school isn’t in the cards for me.

    Well, perhaps not exactly the info you were looking for, but I was in the same boat as you two years ago, considering the BSN and decided that it just didn’t fit. Actually, I think that’s unfortunate, because I’d prefer nursing as the fall-back, but it is the way it is…

    Good Luck,



    Hi I am an Rn too with BSN and master’s in advanced practice nursing in adult primary and geriatric murse practitioner. I will be taking my pre med courses this Fall at a CC. If your goal is to be a doctor someday , I would sugget you start taking your premed courses NOW rather than wasting your precious time getting a Bachelor’s degree in nuring nd for what????? You are already an LPN ..lthough it is tre you wil not be making the same saly as an RN with BSN at least you are laready working to support ypurself. Please if your goal is to become a doctor go for your premed now and DO NOTWASTE TIME like what I did.


    I totally agree with everyone else!! You go for it girl friend!! Maybe, like me, you are hesitant to “go for it” all the way, MD -wise….I had always figured, “Oh , better get my BSN first in case anything “happens”…yeah right, anything could happen at any time,(just realized that!!)I am a single mom of 4 with 2 of the kids under 3, am 39, always wanted to be a doc, operated on my dolls even, and well,…am LPN…BSN is not focused on MD things, and well…to make a long story short, I realized, screw it, I am going for the pre-med deal next year, have always wanted to be a doc, and why did I EVER settle for “less”…it can be done. You just go for your dream!!! You can do it!!! Suzanne 🙂

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