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    I am an LPN and have been for 13 years. I am 34y.o. & the mother of 2 boys, ages 4 and 10. I applied for school this week to start in the summer or fall semester to begin my undergraduate degree. I plan to start medical school as soon as I graduate, but I’m not sure what to major in. I haven’t spoke with a premed advisor yet. Does anyone out there have any suggestions? I got a list of the academic requirements for medical school, I’m just confused about what to major in for my B.S.


    Im an ADN/RN, and to start the traditional bio/chem degree would almost require that I start from scratch. As I aged (am now 29), I began to seek interest in the things that were unknown to me, like an appreciation for learning that which I normally would have no interest in. Like politics, philosophy….I am not a typical humanities type person, I am more of a science person, however, I wanted to broaden my educational knowlege and step into the areas of “unknown” to me, while at the same time taking my premed requirements and not having to start from scratch. Sooooo, to sum this up, I am a liberal arts major. You pick areas of concentration, along with having to take various humanities. This major transferred a lot of my nursing credits into one of my areas, biological science another. I am saving more money, getting my prereqs, and adding to my well-roundedness. Just giving you an idea!


    Pick a degree that interests you. You will still have to take the med school pre-reqs but its important to pick something that you will enjoy learning.

    I have decided on Forensic Science. It’s something I have been interested in for a long time and if for some reason I can never get into med school, I can get a masters degree here and get an awesome job that way. So either way I come out a winner I feel!

    I am 30 btw and have 2 girls ages 2 and 5. I am at home with them during the day (I homeschool as well) and go to school full time at night. I’m busy but I LOVE it!!

    PreMedRN you always have such great advice!



    I am 37 soon to be 38 and will be starting medical school this fall. I originally started my undergraduate degree majoring in Wellness Promotion but soon realized that by the time I did all my pre-reqs I might as well add the Biology major with a minor in Chemistry. Although certainly, you do not have to major in a science, it does help to have a lot of science aside from the usual pre-reqs for the MCAT and beyond. The MCAT will test you on your knowledge of general bio, general inorganic chemistry, trig based physics and organic chemistry. But, there was a ton of microbiology, cell and molecular biology, human physiology and genetics. Although these topics SHOULD be covered in general bio many professors do not even scratch the surface and this is why having a good solid background to include some of these courses will help. Do you have to major in Biology? abosolutely not but it will help just FYI. The other posters hit it right in the nail though, major in something that you are really passionate about so that you can do extremely well in your classes. The bottom line is that you *do* need to have good grades and if you enjoy the material this will come easier than if you do not enjoy the material. Good luck.


    I firmly believe that you should major in something that really interests you, not just a traditional pre-med major. (although if bio or chem is what interests you, go for it!) I’m an engineer, and I think if I had stuck to a usual path, I would have felt that there was no other options for me but to go to medical school. Now, I feel like I have a choice, and I will always have a choice if in ten years I decide I’m sick of medicine’s headaches.

    Pick something that keeps you interested and engaged in college, because there will definitely be long nights when you ask yourself why you’re still there, and you want a ready answer that includes “because deep down, I really do love this stuff.” If that happens to be French literature or political science, don’t let that keep you from being pre-med as well.

    Good Luck,



    Thanks so much for the advice, it really changes my perspective on things. I am anxious and scared, I am going to start out slow and work my way into full time premed. It helps so much to here from other people that are already in the same place.

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