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    Has anyone attended University of Kansas Medical School? I am very interested in attending and wanted to get some feedback on current or previous students’ thoughts.



    Worked for me.


    I have not yet attended any medical school, but I have several connections to KU Med. (I’m from Kansas City, have worked in research at KUMC, visited the cadaver lab, interviewed there, have several family members who are alumni and work there, and have a few friends in med school there now.)

    I have never heard any complaints about the quality of education. Perhaps because it’s midwestern, I have also heard that the student body tends not to be incredibly competitive, which to me is a major plus. It’s a little difficult to find in-state housing close to KU because it’s like 2 city blocks from Missouri, but it’s an easy commute from the nearby Kansas suburbs, which are safer anyway. Cost of living is not too bad in that area (unless you’re coming from anywhere else in Kansas).

    I’m not crazy about the teaching facilities at KU Med – they’re just not aesthetically pleasing to me. The medical school is located in the older buildings on campus. When I worked there, I attended some lectures in the med school’s lecture halls and the classrooms are not great. They’re poorly lit and need to be updated, but they have the requisite technology. The cadaver lab feels like it’s in the bowels of the school – no windows anywhere near it, not even in the hallway.

    I’m applying to KU Med this cycle and it would be one of my top choices.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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