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    Today, I got a call from the vice-president of the U where I took the chem class. This was in regards to my second letter. He called to let me know that the U doesn’t have a policy of retroactive withdrawal and that they can’t do it…but went on to say that he had talked to the chemistry department and that there were only positive comments about me. The interesting thing is that he actually sat on a Med School admissions committe in PA and NY and spent 30 minutes on the phone reviewing my file with me 😀 He even told me that HE would write a letter for me :p

    The bottom line from our conversation was this:

    It would have been a failure for me to have not done well and to have not tried again. I stood right back up and went back for more 😀 ! I went back and ‘knocked ’em dead’ and have more than compensated for that with my graduate grades, research, volunteer work, etc. His advice to me was to not take it so seriously..and I agree with him now. I’m done playing that game. I am who I am, and I’m ok with that!

    He told me that if anyone asked me about it at an interview to laugh and tell them it was my ‘character-building’ semester.

    :lol I think it’s ok! You know..it’s all about attitude and how we choose to look at things. I simply refuse to let this bog me down anymore.



    Glad to hear this… keep us posted!



    I agree…we have to accept our failures and successes. So many of us stress over the one bad grade, or whatever, and put little emphasis on what we’ve ACCOMPLISHED! I sometimes get a little discouraged listening to other pre-meds (the kiddos…not the adult students!) talk about their 4.98 gpa and I start feeling sup-par with my 3.7!!! :rolleyes: Stupid once you step back and look at the whole scheme of things!! I have to pick myself back up by telling myself that they have NO OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES (as compared to someone that pays a mortgage, car, tuition, food, and CHILD!!) And I’m not doing so bad getting decent grades AND handling all that! :yes:
    So, good for you for being proud of what you’ve achieved!!! 😀 We all need to do a little more of that! :grouphug:


    Yesss! I hope you replay that phone conversation in your head whenever you get discouraged! I love that advice about the character-building semester! 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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