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    Before posting a message to this forum it is VERY IMPORTANT to read the guidelines posted here – http://ww;f=7

    This forum is only to be used for finding a mentor. If you have general questions about medicine, starting or changed your career, etc., please use the other message areas. Messages will be moved to other forums if they do not follow the guidelines.

    Think of this as a classified ad for yourself. Potential mentors will read what you write to determine whether or not they wish to mentor you. Think carefully about what you write!

    Posts here should read something like this (with your specifics):

    TITLE: Premed Seeks Medical Student Mentor

    I am currently finishing my prereqs for medical school. I have a BA in English and plan to apply next year. I will take my MCATs this year. I am married with one small child. I am seeking a mentor to offer guidance and support through the application, interview and starting med school phases. I am interested in OB-GYN as a specialty. I live in Florida and would ideally like a mentor in my region, but would be willing to establish a relationship anywhere across the country.



    I am in my final year of medical school and will be applying for a Family Practice Residency soon. I am still uncertain whether or not I want to become a Family Practioner or go in to Emergency Medicine. I am seeking a mentor with experience in any of those specialties. I am married and hope to have kids sometime during my residency, I would like to know the best time for doing this. I enjoy gardening and sewing in my spare time, when I have it! I am 37 years old. I live in Oregon and seek a mentor anywhere in the US.

    You get the idea!! Good luck and hope you find a partner!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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