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    Please share your experiences, tips, guidance with us.
    Am preparing for Step 1, I am not currently in school and am going back to work after 10yrs ( after mostly research work).
    I am really finding it tough, but then I read about tips to pass the exam from the author of “step 1 made ridiculously simple” who is a German physician and took the USMLEs after 10yrs. He found it quite painful as I am.
    the molecular/genetics biochem/ cell bio, I’m O.K. in bec. of the years I spent doing research….all the other stuff however anatomy, embryo, phara and patho, I am struggling with. But I am determined to get thru this and get a good score. Anyone has any advice to share?
    I also just had a baby which is why I left the research feild bec.
    Now my goals are
    1. lose 30lbs
    2. Match into a good residency program with great scores
    3. Be a good role model for my kids
    4. last but not least, learn to cook my husband’s fav. dishes 🙂


    Hey there, I plan on taking both COMLEX and USMLE towards end of May.

    I’ve been reading 1 case out of Case Files: Micro and First Aid Cases almost everyday for couple weeks now. It’s working really well because I’m seeing lot of the stuff that I have encountered before (and of course, I don’t remember half of it). It’s a good refresher and hopefully will make things easier to learn during dedicated study time.


    How did the tests go?


    This test are already finished..


    Heyy guys,I am looking for a dedicated study partner for the preparation of USMLE.I also have put my study schedules and profile in let me know if you are interested.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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