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    Mary B-B ToBeDocMary B-B ToBeDoc

    I know many pre-meds here are looking for volunteer work, yet have a difficult time either finding or scheduling some volunteering. I found this site a while ago and thought to pass it on to you/y’all:


    You click on how far you are willing to travel, what interests you, etc. and up pops matches…you can then contact the matching organization(s) that is/are appropriate for you. Very cool!

    While I had already set up volunteer work for our area’s hospice service for this year on my own, I just found a 10K walk-a-thon to benefit juvenile diabetes research through the above site. I’ll volunteer for the day and my husband & sons will walk the 10K.

    The hospice work sounds good…I start my training next week and then will be fairly autonomous with hospice patients in my area. Hospice organizations generally have a huge need for direct patient contact volunteers, so there’s a big opportunity out there for this work. It’s also something that is barely squeezed into most med school’s curricula and I think it’s important to know just how much can be done for people when medicine treatment gives way to palliative treatment. The Yellow Pages usually lists hospice organizations, or your local hospital might be able to put you in touch with them if you’re interested. I’ll post more about hospice when I start with patients. Take care everyone!

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