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    I was just wondering what everyone else has or is doing for volunteer work. I am currently volunteering in the local ER. It gives me a great perspective on what I might be getting myself into and great patient contact. Does anyone have any suggestions as to other things that I could do that would be more hands on.


    I am a volunteer Spanish/English translator at the local hospital I work at. It’s great. You get to help/ease the fright of those in need of medical attention with a communication barrier. I don’t have any set hours, they just call when they need me, which is more often than not. It works out with school, work, family etc. If I cant come, I don’t go. So far I have pretty much always been able to help when needed, however. I have gained lots of experience with people of all ages which on my floor that I work, is mostly geriatrics.




    I volunteer in the surgery dept. in a local hospital. I began last Feb. and all I did was put together paperwork. In June, I got promoted to making beds during pain clinic. I used to go two days a week, but this semester, I can only go up one day for about three hours.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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