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    What has been your favorite and/or most rewarding volunteer experience?

    Do you have lots of different volunteer experiences, or have you done fewer things for an extended amount of time?


    I work in the healthcare field, so the job in itself can be very rewarding. I have lots of stories…but I do also volunteer in healthcare. I am a volunteer spanish/english translator, I dont do it every week, just as needed, I have done this since 1999, before deciding going back to school premed. I am open for calls all during the night, sometimes I have to go in, etc. The most rewarding thing of doing this type of volunteer work is that I comfort freightened people with communication barriers. I tell ya, I cant imagine being somwhere like China, and not be able to fully describe what is happening to me, thus not get appropriate medical attention, and not be able to understand what the impression of my medical problem is. SCARY. I have given people rides home at discharge, went to doc appts with them to translate. I once had to tell a scared 20 yr old who was 20 wks pregant that it was imminent she was going to give birth, and the chances of her baby dying were high given her situation (infection). She was crying, and the worst part of it all was that I was almost 8mos pregnant at that time. The outcome was not good. C-section-still born.
    But at least I was able to communicate with here to help to support her, and she knew what the risks were to help her cope. I also helped in a MVA in ER, with a guy in SUCH agonizing pain, his pelvis was crushed…was confused, couldnt be still in CT because of the pain, some of the staff were getting aggravated,(not only because he wasnt cooperating, but I think because they could not communicate with him) they didnt give him any pain meds (low BP)—I was there to calm him and explain why the delay in pain meds, and communicated to the nurses that MOST people with that type of injury couldnt be still in the CT scan with an apparent crushed pelvis without pain meds! Jeeez, let’s give the man a break, and not take advantage of his not being able to speak english! I was glad I was there, I gave him justification. Just some of my stories….

    Amy BAmy B

    Volunteered at a city free health clinic and loved it for 3 years during my undergrad years. Was a most rewarding experience. During that time I learned to draw blood and volunteered at their HIV clinic to draw blood for HIV testing.

    We worked with many homeless people who had no where else.

    [santahat] [santahat]

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