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    Hi. I am interested in getting some guidance from doctors who work with the elderly population. Even though I am not yet a medical student, I would like to start investigating fields that mainly deal with this population, in which I see myself serving in the future.
    Insights about the nature of the field and its future outlook will be greatly appreciated. I also appreciate any wisdoms that will help me prepare for this field prior to and while in medical school. For example, which medical schools have good geriatrics or internal medicine program? And, are there other medical fields, which deal with the elderly population, I should investigate in addition to the ones I mentioned?

    I know that this information is available online, but I prefer to have that personal guidance or irreplaceable human interaction. Having a mentor during the medical school application process would be wonderful, since we all know how draining the process can be.

    Oh, thinking about this mentoring opportunity makes me really excited because for many years I had to learn and discover things on my own. There was just nobody to look up to or imitate while growing up. Until my last few years in college when I was introduced to the idea of mentoring. Wow! It was a gift for people like me who has nowhere to turn to for advice and guidance within my family circle. Neither of my parents attented college in the U.S., and I am the first in my family to pursue medicine.

    The truth is that before 1995 I did not even have a fling with the idea of becoming a doctor. It was just beyond the reach of my family’s socioeconomic capability. But, many things have changed in my life that led me to this pursuit, to this decision, and to this website.

    A journey of thousands of miles and an empowerment from a high school counselor had ingnited the dream. And YOU could make that dream into reality.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

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