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    How to post ads on our classified boards:

    You can use our classifieds – all for free. DO NOT POST JOB VACANCIES HERE – use our Job Board http://www.mommd.com/jobboard.shtml

    First you must register with the forums.

    1. Click on the ‘register’ link at the top of the main forum page. Follow the instructions to register.

    2. Forgotten your password? Click on the ‘forget your password?’ link when you go to post a new message. Fill in your username, and your password will be emailed to you immediately.

    3. Click on the Classified Ads forum. Once there, click on the “Post New Topic” graphic in the top right corner. Fill out the fields to place your ad, and that’s it!

    $. How to display pictures in your ad:

    To display a picture of your product, simply upload the picture to a spot on a server someplace (like geocities etc.), then reference the location of the picture in the text of your classified ad using html.

    Click on the image button below and add the full link to the image, for example:

    img src=”http://www.yourserver.com/picture.gif”

    Your picture will now display automatically. Try and keep the size small so that the page doesn’t take too long to post.

    5. Use your common sense about buying and selling safely. We accept no liability for using these classifieds, all transactions are between buyer & seller. Anyone defrauding or scamming users will have their account terminated.

    6. You can edit adds by clicking the edit post button.

    7. When sold, please edit the title and subject and tell us it has been sold.

    8. Remember, if you include your email address, address and phone number you do so add your own risk, you will get unsolicited messages. Turn private messaging on in your profile so that you can get a private message when someone is interested.

    9. This is a FREE service, but consider making a donation to MomMD as payment (www.mommd.com/support.shtml)

    10. Have fun & Enjoy.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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