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    Welcome to the MomMD weblogs and online diaries. Any member may start a diary. Real diaries from real women in medicine. Women sharing their stories as physicians, medical students and premeds. Tell the story of your daily life, try and update at least once a month.

    This forum behaves differently to other forums so please read this before you post:

    1) No permission is needed, just start a diary!

    2) Start the title of your thread with something about you, for example – My life as a Med Student, by Tracy aged 38, mom of two (or whatever). Be creative but include important details about who you are.

    3) Only the topic starter should post to their journal and members can only have one journal each. This means that you can only start one thread in the forum and only respond to your thread.

    4) No discussions – to try and keep the diaries continuous you cannot post a response to a diary that is not your own. If you have something you’d like to say – post it on the General forum.

    5) Remember that if you make a mistake and post a new thread when you didn’t mean to you can delete your post or send a message to the moderator to edit your post.

    6) If you have any questions about this forum email or PM sethina@mommd.com

    7) Please refrain from using curse or offensive words. Remember, anyone and everyone will be reading your diary!

    8) Have fun and thank you for sharing your life!

    Sethina Edwards
    Moderator, President MomMD


    For a limited time we’re allowing ANYONE to post a diary. You do not need to get special authorization! Just login and get started..


    Anyone can start a diary, you do not need permission. Looking forward to reading it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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