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    Hello there all you wonderful Pre-Meds..

    I am your happy, and excited PreMeds Moderator. :p I wanted to introduce myself and say hi.

    Welcome to all the newcomers!!

    Here it goes:
    I just turned 32 and have been married for 10 years. We have 3 children 7,5,15 months.

    Out of high school I went into the Dental Assisting program at the Junior College. I received my RDA Lic, in 1992 and worked for a few years as a Periodontal Surgery Assistant and General. I really enjoyed my work. My husband and I decided to start a family :tired: I have been home since. When my second daughter was born, I had decided to go back to school and pursue the pre-meds req. :goodvibes: about yourself and your families.

    It would be so fun to get to know each of you, and your family.

    Again welcome to all the newcomers!!!



    I am 28 years old, and I am planning on applying to medical school in 2007 also. I’m taking a full course load at UNLV in Las Vegas, NV right now. I am so excited about school. It is so fun and very challenging.

    I am a medical transcriptionist. I work from home so I don’t have to put my daughter in daycare.

    After training to become a medical transcriptionist, I decided to try to become a doctor. I realized that if I could learn the language of the medical field, then I could do anything I put my mind to. 🙂

    Take care,



    I know you are out there!!! :p 😀


    Hey there, Im Dana and am 28. I got my associates degree in nursing in 1998, have been working as an RN ever since. I always wanted to become a doctor but had never had the confidence. I thought nuring would fulfilling enough. It’s a great profession with many rewards, however, I still want to become a doctor. I was a single mom through nursing school, and ended up marrying the father of my child later in 1998. Since then we have had 2 more children. He had three, and now we have 3 together for a total of 6 kids in the house. I started back premed when my youngest was almost 2 yrs old (he’s 3 now). It is very challenging, but the most challenging apart of it all is trying to maintain a household and giving everyone the attention that they need, and not letting your school work interfere with their school activities. It wouldn’t be fair to not let them participate in school activities on account of my wanting to pursue my dream. That is why Im driving myself crazy :tired:
    Going down this road will have its ups and downs. It will be worth it in the end. I also will be applying to med school in 2007.



    Hello Pre-meds!

    My name is Kate and I am a premed fromt the westcoast of Canada. I am a fulltime student, 22 years of age currently taking Sociology (2), Biology and Math.
    I have been part of Mommd for a while but haven’t started posting much until lately… needing some support now that I am back at school – you gals and guys are great.
    I enjoy this board exceptionally more than others for a variety of reasons:
    – Mainly women in healthcare/medicine, keeps me up to date!
    – Mommies who are docs, inspirational!
    – There are actually doctors and professionals who post here… so we can get great insight!
    – Page set up is so user friendly and great. Wish someone in the great North that is Canada would come up with something like this…
    Very glad to be here!



    Oh this so so great to hear from you. :yes: I love to hear about your dreams, and about your families.

    Somedays I feel as though I am crazy for wanting this, but you know, I deserve it and so does my family.

    Thank again for your stories!



    Hi, my name is Rose and I am going to start my pre-req courses. (Sounds like an AA meeting)

    I am 33, a daughter who is 7 y/o and hopefully another child next year (infertility makes planning things rough!!)after a miscarriage this year :guilty: . I have a clinical doctorate in audiology and have wasted a lot of time dancing around the knowledge that I wanted to be a doctor. Well, I am a doctor, just not the right kind of one…..KWIM?? I want to be a complete physician.

    So, started next semester, I am going to somehow explain this all to my employer, work 3/4 time and take pre-reqs and probably kill myself in the process. However, I have a completely supportive DH who wants me to do what makes me happy. He also wants me to make a lot of money so we can build a log cabin on our lake……. Don’t know exactly where he gets the idea that being a doctor guarantees a lot of money…..

    That’s enough for now….Hello!!!



    Hello. Welcome Michelle, our new moderator. I should check the Premeds forum more since I’m a Premed 😉 but I always hit the General forum first.

    Oh, I’m 28 years old, single with a supportive BF. I currently work in publishing but want to be a doctor. Since I work FT, I’m starting slow with my prereqs by taking a math class (PreCalc) although I hope to go to school full-time next summer or fall. I’ve applied to several post-bacc programs so hopefully I’ll hear something soon. Wish me luck. :crossfingers: My undergrad degree was in journalism so I don’t have any scientific background. I’m starting from scratch but ya gotta start somewhere!



    Hi all,
    Just thought I’d finally introduce myself. I’m 23 years old and originally from Massachusetts, but I’ve been here in Maryland for the past 5 years.

    I have a master’s degree in environmental health and I’m applying to med school for 2004 entrance.

    I’d love to continue my work in air pollution but look more on the clinical side of things, maybe in peds as an asthma specialist.

    I’m not a wife or a mother, but I like hanging around on this site to see what’s in store for me as a future wife, mother and doctor hopefully!!

    My brother-in-law is a 4th year med student and my sis just had their first child in August, so I’m getting a little glimpse of the lifestyle through them. I’m a proud Auntie!!!

    I love to backpack, ski, play classical piano, and bascially be outdoors.

    It’s great to meet all of you.


    M -AM-A

    Hi everyone,

    I’m 28 years old and I currently work in television. I hate it and have always thought about becoming a doctor so now I’m trying to pursue it. I’ve taking one premed class so far, chemistry, and it went well. I can’t really afford to take more classes right now; i have a huge student loan debt from college 🙁 I’m still trying to find another source of financial aid for school but am finding it to be a lost cause…still trying though!


    Bump lets hear some more……….. :p


    I am so excited to have found this site. I have been reading some posts and can so relate to the issues and discussions. I am looking forward to participating!

    Let’s see…I am 25, married and have a four year old. My husband and I are in the process on adopting – hopefully from South Korea.

    I have a BA in Psych that I just received this May. Finally finished that while really deciding as a senior that I wanted to be a doctor. I did an internship at a clinic for the uninsured last year and loved it. I am still volunteering there shadowing and doing clinical type things as needed. I love it. I would say that is the one thing that keeps me focused on what I want to do. The more I am there and around doctors and medical professionals the more I want to be a part of it.

    This has not been a good semester. I wish I would have found this site sooner. I was taking Physics and Orgo and would have been taking the MCAT in April. However, due to a combination of a move right as school started and a bad teacher, I dropped Physics after a few weeks. I figured that would be easy enough to make up. Then everything fell apart and I totally procrastinated studying – which just didn’t work for me in Orgo. To make a long painful few weeks short, I ended up dropping Orgo also. I am kicking myself now, but all I can do is try to study on my own and either take an extra year (ugh) or hope I can get into classes this spring and summer that will let me catch up so I can take the Aug. MCAT. Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.

    I have heard all the bad things about doing med school, especially since I am married and have a daughter. Surprisingly to me, it hardly ever comes from doctors. it is usually other people. My favorite (ha, ha) response when I tell people that I am premed is “Oh, do you know how hard med school is?” No, really? I had no idea. :rolleyes:

    Anyway, I look forward posting and reading more! Thanks to everyone for their posts! I feel so encouraged already! 🙂


    Hi, I am 33 y/o with a BBA and an MBA. I have a wonderful husband and two children (4 and 1). Life seems pretty happy, one caveat. I want to leave it all behind and start over with my first career love, being a physician. My husband along with everyone else in my family tells me I am crazy and I should give up my dreams and raise my children. However, this just does not set well with me. How can I raise my children to be all they can be, if I don’t pursue my passion? I have worked full-time in the financial world since college graduation and through my MBA program. My husband took care of our 4 year old while I pursued 3 years of a part-time MBA program. Nonetheless, I want to be a DOCTOR and he really does not understand.

    Has anyone else been in this situation. I am planning to take my science courses this spring at Uof H Downtown. HELP, I really need some encouragement.

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