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    Do you ever feel as though this road seems to get longer than shorter? I sometimes look in the mirror and wonder, how am I ever going to make it? Taking care of family, being a good wife and following my dream. :tired:

    Do any of you ever feel like this?

    Please share you tips! 😀



    Knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel helps, knowing that maybe one day you will have the great honor of serving others as a physician, knowing that your life will be rewarding yet very busy (I love this), knowing that your family will be proud of you.

    You must keep your eyes on the ball at all times to stay focused and not think “OMG what did I do?” also try not to think to far ahead. When I have an exam I focus on that exclusively but I do know that it will be over quick and then I can relax for a day or two. I try to not become overwhelmed but it does happen sometimes. For example I had a take home exam for hmmm, about 4 days. I said to myself well I will do a question or two per day and I will be fine. NOT, I did it the night prior (pretty much all night) but, thinking back I am glad that I did this way for my weekend was spent relaxing and then I had an interview on Monday, came home after it and started on my exam. Sooo, Monday night sucked but I did not ruin my weekend…really long post but I hope that it helps. Try to always look for that silver lining …


    Although it is very hard to keep motivated sometimes, I have found some things to keep me going:

    – I superimposed a picture of my head on a doctor’s body to imagine myself as a physician. It sits on my desk.
    – I think about the 99% of the population of the world that never gets the chance to attend university.
    – I remember that this (to me) is my moral obligation to educate myself in a world where so many cannot.
    – I think about graduation day and all my friends and family there, all being so proud of me.
    – I read stuff on mommd.com.



    Oh these are great ideas. I really like the one with putting a photo of yourself on a doctor’s body and framing it. lol



    I think about how sick and poor I used to be- and how lucky I am that I found good doctors to help me get my life back.

    Then I remind myself that somewhere, there’s someone else who I’m meant to help in that same way. I believe God gave me this second chance at life for a reason.

    We can do this!!


    I work around and for pathologists so I’m always reminded of the goal. Some of these doctors are mothers too so that also helps keep me motivated along with the pathology course I’m taking. Most of all, my father’s recent death from cancer is an almost daily reminder that my research may one day save someone’slife.


    What keeps me going is when I think back how rough my life has been as far as not having anything and trying to go to school as a single young, poor girl in nursing school. I couldnt buy my daughter a christmas dress for the church program without doing without a necessity. Those were hard times, but I succeeded and am much better off. When I am down and out now, and I still struggle with finances with going to school I know someday I will look back at me now and think just the same as I do when looking back when accomplishing nursing school. I’ll think, like I do now, “Jeez, I dont know how I ever made it, but by the grace of God I did. Im glad I didnt give up.” I will sigh…….

    Another thing that keeps me going is knowing If I dont get in Med School, I won’t be able to afford my undergraduate laon payments!!!!! 😀

    Oh God please give me strength and integrity.



    Amen, Dana, Amen! :yes:



    doc dredloc 2bdoc dredloc 2b

    I keep myself motivated by remembering that so many people don’t even try to reach their goals in life. I think I’ve made a major step by attempting to pass this chemistry class…




    Whenever I question if this is the right path for me, I always think of how there are so many people around me that could use quality medical care (I’m in east Baltimore). I know it sounds cliche and technically I wouldn’t roam the streets and find people who needed treatment, but as long as there’s an underserved population I find the motivation to continue in this hellish process.

    I think just because you have an MD doesn’t mean you are improving humanity, but having one definitely provides a ton of opportunity to create common good.

    Also, I’m motivated to get an MD so I can compete with my know-it-all med student brother- in-law at family functions. j/k


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