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    Hello I am a M1! I was wondering what people are doing between their M1 and M2 years. I live in Texas, but I would like to go out of state for a change of scenery for awhile.
    🙂 🙂

    I’m thinking I would like to do a preceptorship in Florida or Georgia. Does anyone have any information about preceptorships/internships in these states?

    What other exciting things are there to do over the summer?

    :p 😎

    hang in there summer is getting closer everyday!


    HI! i am applying to some research progrmas. i’m suppsoed to bre woriking on the applications over break :rolleyes: hopefully that will happen. Some of these programs are for minorities though and I am a minority. i am torn about whether or not i should apply to something away from my fmaily for 8-10 weeks though. Mayo has a preceptorship for minority students. it is far away but it is only 3 weeks long. i never thought to look for preceptor ships elsewhere.
    here is the link to the summe rprograms at nih;


    some of it depends on what you are itnerested in also. I am interested in cancer, for example so I did a search in google for cancer research summer programs. google is the way to go! If you pm me your email address, i can send you a pdf i have a summer opportunities. your school should have something like this also.



    I’m a senior now applying for residency, and I can tell you that in even the least competitive fields, letters of reference and research experiences are really key.

    You need to lay the groundwork for this between your first and second year, since once you hit second year, you have to focus on Step 1, and once you hit third year, you have to focus on doing well in clinics, since this will determien what your Dean’s letter looks like.

    Before the summer is underway, think through your speciality choices. Prioritize and if more than one choice appeals to you at this point, try to get some kind of research and/or clinical opportunity in the more competitive field (ie if you’re interested in plastics and peds, for example, try to do something that combines both.) If you do straight clinical work, like a preceptorship, identify some forums where you can present what you did. Look at the AMSA website, talk to faculty members in the fiedl about potential conferences. There are a lot of places where you can present, which is a good way to start — and if you can get your name on a paper, or even do an independent, small research project, so much the better.

    Also, if you are not academically minded at all, and you want to work in a community hospital for residency, you should think about trying to get clinical experience in that area of the country.

    Finally — read. My classmates who did the best on Step 1 studied during their summer “off”. It was low key studying, but it helped a lot when second year’s frenzied pace started. It took the edge off the stress.

    Good luck!



    hi catwoman! i tried to pm you but coudln’t. i just wnate dto ask- what do you mean by low key studying for step 1? did they review 1st year or preview second year? i was thinking about getting a jump on second year but like 2-3 evenings a week or something. everyone i tell this to yells at me about relaxing this summer bbut i am changing careers and didn’t come this far to relax.

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