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    …about that medicare prescription bill? Do you think it’s good for America, our future, our seniors? What impact will it have on us? What else can be done (if not this bill) to help people with the cost of prescription meds?


    I don’t like deficit spending – leaving an added burden to my daughter to deal with a problem of today. Tomorrow will have their own problems to deal with (or not) so why burden the youth just because my daughter isn’t able to vote yet (and therefore doesn’t have the political power to consider their best interest?

    I think, like the old people’s advocacy group ?AARP, there should have a group advocating for youths who are unable to vote. Who cares about the environment, leave it for the babies to deal with. Who cares if there’s no social security left for us or our children? Who cares if the planet is too hot, or the water is all dirty? Who cares about the future of our country, of our world? Not the old people (apparently). I guess they figure they’ll be dead in 5-10 years, it won’t affect them.

    And the sad thing is, I don’t think this bill actually helps the old people that much. It helps others…but not doctors, not patients, not old people, not the children.

    What’s going to change in the future to make meds and healthcare more affordable for our seniors (and for everybody, as this is a rapidly growing problem for many groups)? Continued (indefinate) deficit spending? Well, whatever that solution will be needs to be thought of now. It’s like paying your monthy rent with your credit card as a solution for housing. Eventually you have to figure out an alternative plan…either move to less expensive housing, get a better/second job, decrease your expenses in other areas of your life, or whatever. And if you don’t MAKE CHANGES you’ll just find yourself deeper and deeper in debt, and unable to function in every area of your life. Same is true (in my opinion) with the government. CHANGES have to be made. I don’t know what they are…maybe if we weren’t spending so much money in Iraq, we could help our seniors. Maybe if big business weren’t so greedy and stingy, there would be more resources available for the “smaller” person. But, I think perhaps I’m getting off topic


    I may be the only person who feels this way, but I would rather have my taxes increase a little to give the seniors more support as far as the cost of scripts and medical care. They are the ones who got us where we are today.

    If nothing else, someone should stsrt a not-for-profit organization to help, sort like the red cross. I plan on trying to starting something similar, I just need to find out how to get started, and possibly get grants (like they do for section 8 housing) from the government. I may be knowledgeable of how to go about this after I finish my studies. Any tips?


    Something def needs to be done about $$$ costs for drugs for everybody, but esp senior citizens….guy went into Vtach in front of our eyes after he stopped all of his…Lipitor, B blockers, antihypertensives, DM meds….and sent another guy home with two scripts today that I know he won’t get filled ( Norvasc and Lipitor) but I said if he wanted to be my pt at the clinic he could come and I;d get him ( some) samples…it is a never ending battle that the bill will only partially solve.
    STOP THOSE DARN EVENING ADS ABOUT LIPITOR etc…waste of $, we already use the drug bc it is good- forget the stupid Viagra ads too- IT WORKS!!!


    I’ll tell you what else will works— STOP taking free lunches/ gifts etc… from drug reps! That just drives up the costs of medicine and definitely DOES influence docs—- check out the web site http://www.NOFREELUNCH.com they have numerous studies, several pub. in BMJ, JAMA, Lancet about the influence on docs- in my own practice now- its been very hard refusing the pens and gadgets- harder than I thought it would be! I’m also concerned about direct to consumer marketing of drugs, but how about all the ads in Journals? I like ads to keep me up with what is new, but isn’t a newsletter or journal better than that- they are so colorful, and how about the ones that wrap around the AAP News mag?

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