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    i’m 19 and i’ve applied for med school twice (right after highschool in ’01 and at the end of 1st yr uni in ’02) and yep from my subject line i didn’t get a place. :boggled: i’m living in sydney, australia, so i applied for undergrad med right..i guess it’s kinda tough being disappointed twice.

    i really do want to be a dr and yes i know i’m young and all that and there IS postgrad med to go for. i just have this nagging fear that despite all my hard work & goal-setting & this and that i still won’t make it. i worked my heart out during my final year of highschool, and even though i topped the grade, i missed out by just a bit. same goes for my second try!

    what i’d like to know is what keeps all of you trying to get into med school motivated! especially those of you who took more than 2 tries to get in. sometimes i just feel this awful pressure to perform..i didn’t enjoy 1st yr uni not one bit coz of that desperation to do well :weeping: i transferred into a degree i know i’ll enjoy a lot more (majoring in psychology & english) so i’m hoping i’ll still be up for postgrad med at the end of 4 years.

    i’d love to hear from you guys 🙂 any inspirational stories would make my day!


    I think that the key to stay motivated is that I found majors that I just love. I am majoring in Biology and Wellness Promotion with a minor in Chemistry. All of these I really enjoy and get a lot out of my classes. Also, I do not consider my path as ends to a mean, meaning that although I am applying to medical school, many of the things that I am doing I would do regarldess. I am now studying for the MCAT and yes, it is a lot of work but I am trying to approach it (just recently) like okay, this is going to make me grow and I will learn how to digest huge amounts of information that will be helpful in medical school. I am trying not to look at it as just a way to get in, but more of a challenge that will give me insight into what the first two years of med school may be like. Let’s see, also knowing that medical school will be there for ever, if for some reason I do not get in this year, then I can improve my application and apply later. I would make sure that you present your application in the best possible light, if this means not applying right now, so be it. Make sure your application is the best so they cannot reject you. If you have applied multiple times, ask the schools that rejected you for some input. What can you do to improve and then do it, but do not rush. You have plenty of time and this way you will take a lot of stress off from yourself. Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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