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    We all are a diverse group of women with different assetts, I would love to hear what you think sat you apart from other applicants or what *sold* you to the ad coms going beyond the MCAT scores and GPA’s.

    I cant wait to read your posts! Dont be shy about it!



    Those who havent applied but are in route (like me) feel free to reply what you think will…and to the docs and residents…feel free also!


    I have no way of knowing this for sure, but I think my work experience(mental health, educ., speech therapy) and my poise (better word?) truly helped me out in interviews. Most of my interviewers focussed on the fact that I have worked with diverse populations and have sought out opportunities to serve in underserved areas.

    I think being able to hold an educated conversation with an interviewer helps alot. I attribute that to life experience on my part.

    I’ve also shown a lot of determination in my path to med school and I know you have plenty of that! 😀

    Theresa – it’s hard to answer this question without sounding like I’m bragging! :blush:


    This whole process is very long, tidious, overwhelming…..it takes a lot of courage…I think you and everyone else deserve to brag! :yes:

    Im not taking it as a brag, but if it comes out that way, so be it! 😀

    Thanks for replying, I think it is helpful to all of us who havent applied yet to see the diverities, and different things the ad coms liked enough to accept the applicants. (course, I know this is subjective,—no one can say for sure.)

    I want to hear more!


    Gosh :blush: , I think that my prior military background, overall energy level (which is extremely high), able to talk about any subject regardless of how controversial or not the topic is, multi-tasking ability, presenter background, long term commitment to my community via volunteering and mentoring, the ability to rise above adversity, and finally but not least a lot of determination to accomplish a goal regardless of how difficult it seems.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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