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    Hi Ladies!

    Last October I began to have an urge to become a physician. I am 24, married and have a great full time job. As hard as I tried to push away the idea of becoming a doctor, it just kept sticking around. I have met with some advisors, looked into some volunteer work, and have registered for Gen Chem at a university for the spring.

    We do not currently have children but definitely plan to have them in the future.

    I finally got over all of the “excuses” to not pursue this dream. (Giving up a great career, selling my house, making major lifestyle changes, spending less time with my future children, less time with my husband, no vacations, etc…)

    My husband has been very supportive and around the beginning of December I was over all of the worrying and was finally EXCITED about this new adventure.

    I guess my question to you all is how do I know if it is worth the risk and sacrifice? If this is the right choice for me? I have started to have some serious doubts the last few days. Things are good now, and I am having second thoughts. The desire is still lingering slightly but I can’t help to think of all of the time, money, and stress that will be put into this.

    I apologize for rambling. I have just had one of those days I guess. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


    Well, the first thing that I would encourage you to do (if you have not yet) is to shadow a physician to see if that is somethig you would like to pursue. Volunteering in a clinical setting were you interact with physicians is also a good thing to do and medical schools would like to see that someone applying has been exposed to medicine in some way. Once you know for sure that this is the path you want to pursue then really asses yourself and see what you need to do to achieve this. It is a pretty long process and it takes a lot of work, it is totally doable but many times you will be frustrated. As long as you go with your “eyes wide open” and know what it entails then you can really make the choice of pursuing this or not. Also, taking some classes will help to see if you want to become a student once more.. 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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