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    I’m new to this whole forum process and I tripped upon this page during massive boredom and 5 cups of coffee. Anyhow, I’m vexed as to my current situation. I’m currently a senior in the B.S. Biology program at the uni. I have hesitated taking the MCAT because I HATE ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. =] Ok its a mild loathing. Either way, i have a crappy pre-med advisor that has nothing to do with me, i am merely a number in the program. I have 3 semesters of chem left which has me graduating in spring of 2005. My question is this; I will be taking the MCAT that April which lets me know I wont be entering medical school until the following year being, fall/2006. Should i 1) get into a graduate program (I have heard this could make or break you when you do apply. However, I am interested in an MPH program close to my home that I wouldn’t mind going for.) or 2) work and sit around for about a year and a half?
    Let me know what you all think ! :confused:


    Amy BAmy B

    I actually graduated in 2002 and have used this time to be with my family. I was waitlisted and didn’t clear the list by Aug 2002 so I thought to myself, why not use this time to catch up on the time I missed whil doing my 4 years of undergrad.

    My daughter was 3 1/2 when I started school and she had no memories of when her mother wasn’t in school. I wanted her to have some special time . I am glad to have spent this 2 years with my kids. I will cherish this time especially once I start med school next fall.

    I was going to do a masters program but figured what was the point in spending the time and money when I was about to spend the next 4 years in a very difficult program.

    Don’t know if I answered your question. My opinion is enjoy the time off as you gear up for med school. Good luck with your MCAT preparations

    [santahat] [santahat]


    Actually a masters program will be good but not make you or brake you, med schools will mostly look at your undergrad record. Sooo if you really want to go for the mph then yeah go for it but do not do it thinking that it will really boost your application, it will not hurt but if you have better things to do then go for that. Prep for the mcat and spend time to relax is my vote…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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