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    EM momEM mom

    It always seems to me that fall is a time for change (new school year, changing color of leaves, etc…) so I was wondering what people would change about their lives, even if totally unrealistic and impossible…

    I would have taken a longer maternity leave, thought MUCH harder about what specialty I went into and if I could afford it I would hire a cook!


    nice suggestion for a post.

    Gee, if I could have changed things I would have accepted that PharmD offer I had that same year I accepted medical school offers instead. oh well…sorry, I don’t think you were asking for regrets… 🙁


    Picked a different job with less…animosity…
    Lived closer to Mom and Dad…
    Return to the weight I was three birthdays ago


    I would have chosen a major that stressed me out a lot less, and I would have realized that perfect grades aren’t worth your sanity.


    i might have been an algebra teacher- just loved the stuff


    i would change the fact that i need to sleep so much..the other night i fell asleep sitting staight up in an uncomfortable folding chair in my freezing kitchen..i only read about 5 pages..sleepiness really gets in my way..and coffee makes me fall asleep even faster..


    Truly- I would have listened to the nice hippy-ish girl in the health food store who suggested that I might have heavy metal poisoning–instead of waving her off and finding out four years later…that I DID!
    Ah well- I figure everything happens for a reason. (I gotta- or I’d go NUTS!)

    ..and I woulda gone and hung out near where my now-bf was a graduate intern and hit on him MUCH sooner! 😉

    Trish- coffee does that to me too- have you tried Yerba Matte tea? Va-va-va-VOOOM!


    I would have spent my first two years after highschool travelling the world and not farting around, wasting time and money.
    I am very happy now and have no wish to change a thing. I mean, if we can be extravagent here, I would have a car, not live in someone’s basement and not live off of student loans – c’est la vie! Oh yeah, I would have one of those little espresso machines too! Hmmm… :scratchchin:




    Truly I would not change a thing. This is not to say that I have not had regrettable and painful experiences in my life- I have. But I believe that everything in life happens for a reason and everything in life has a lesson within it. I would not be the person that I am today without these experiences and therefore would leave well enough alone. :scratchchin:

    M -AM-A

    I would have gone to medical school instead of art school! :scratchchin: Although, I don’t really regret going to art school, it was a lot of fun..but I’m paying for it now.

    I also would’ve done some travelling before going to college, that would’ve been fun! :rotfl:

    EM momEM mom

    Oh yeah, I forgot the 30 hour day so that I could maybe schedule in a little time for me on top of work and caring for my family! I’m getting better about doing it in a 24 hour day, but 6 extra hours sure wouldn’t hurt!


    I would change:

    1. I would not worry so much

    2. Have more hours in the day

    3. Be more Patient

    4. Live, laugh a little more

    Boy this makes me sound boring and mean! :rotfl:



    I would open a knitting store (absolutely love the stuff)…maybe I will some day.

    And shellbell, if you’re boring and mean, you’ve got company. I feel the same way.


    How about changing current life? I would already be done with med school and residency. I just want to start my career and my life. I’m tired of my entire life revolving around school.

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