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    I have read a few of the messages on the other boards, and I know that the time frame is going to be different for each individual. So with saying that let me give you all the run down. I took the MCAT when I was a jounior in college, I made a 12 ( with out much preparation at all), got discouraged, did not try again. Got selected for a few interns in the following summers (MCAT Prep Cources). Ashamed to admit, but I really did not pay much attention in the classes and used the time more as a vacation that a learning tool.I’ve always wanted to go to MED School, so I really want to make this happen. Recently I enrolled in Kaplin’s study class.( Wich was not free as opposed to my “Summer MCAT prep classes”). On the practice test I made an 11. The MCAT is in April which is swiftly approaching. I feel, as though I am the worst student in the calss, and I am truly lost. Should I take advantage of Kaplan’s agreement and Enroll for the class again fot the August MCAT instead of April, due to the fact that I might not be prepaired enough to take it in April???? Don’t know if it is true or not but I heard that you can only take it 3 times. This will be my second time, and my scores are not exactly off the charts, looking at the black and white they are hanging on by half of a thread. Someone please give me some advice on how I should approach the situation….



    It is true that you can only take the MCAT 3 times before you have to get special permission to take it again. In your situation, I would probably take the MCAT in August, and have all summer to prepare for it. If you took the MCAT for the first time, and got a 12, getting a similar score in April would look far worse than getting a much better score in August. If you can use the summer to actually study and prepare as much as possible, (of course you know that paying attention in class does help!) then you can certainly bring up your score. I brought my score up from my practice test about 13 points, but it might be hard to make an improvement like that if you have other classes going on as well.

    You say you are lost and nervous. Those are bad conditions under which to take the MCAT. You want to feel prepared and sure of yourself. I think that as you take more and more practice tests, you will get a better feel for how you generally score, and your test-taking skills will improve. Since you usually need a score in the high 20’s to get into medical school, the better prepared you are, the better.

    Best of Luck!


    I have to totally agree with Drey. I would be hard pressed to take the MCAT in April if this was my third attempt. I would postpone until August and get the best value for your Kaplan course as well as the piece of mind that you will have ample time to prepare for this exam. Good luck.

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