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    area of Medicine do you want to go into?

    I think I would love to pursue OB, or Radiology

    😀 Michelle


    Pediatrics, definitely! My dad’s a pediatrician and he is one of the very few who loves his job and encourages me to pursue medicine!
    Having my baby daughter (now almost 14 months old), is also a big factor in my choice. I also read somewhere that this specialty is among the most rewarding and least stressful ones!

    DrWuStar *DrWuStar*

    right now, i am most drawn to ob/gyn. cause i love working with women and feel like women’s health is an area where patient education and a good, trusting patient/physician relationship is key.

    sometimes i think though that lifestyle factors will win out and i will go into someting with less call and more regular hours, like radiology or psych. and other times i think i might like to do something with more research opportunities like oncology.

    i guess it’s true though what they say about having to go through clinical rotations before you really know anything!


    I want to go into rural family medicine… I think after my children are born and start going to school fulltime I may specialize; either ob/gyn or pediatrics. I’ve been think’in about some research too.



    Emergency medicine or rural FP. (Hi Elliott!). My fiancee’s father is a doctor in southeast alaska, and I LOVE it up there!

    I do get some raised eyebrows when I tell people my undergrad major is in engineering and then I tell them I want to move out in the middle of nowhere and be a rural doc. Somehow people don’t understand competing interests. Shrug.

    Audrey 😀


    Pediatrics, possibly a sub-specialty like endocrinology or neuro. I dunno yet! 😉 But I do like a challenge and I do want to work with underserved populations, probably inner-city.



    I think what I want to be in Internal or Family medicine specializing in integrative medicine in an inner-city area.

    doc dredloc 2bdoc dredloc 2b

    I would like to go into oncology, but emergency medicine is looking like a close contender 😉


    I teach refugees and immigrants. I definitely want to keep working with this population, either here or overseas. I’m very interested in getting a MD-MPH dual degree with a focus in global health care (for the MPH). Does anyone know of a great program? I’ve been searching a bit online, but that’s sort of hit or miss. I see Yale has a great one, think I can get in there??? :laughing:
    Not to sell myself short, but I need some other options–just in case Yale doesn’t work out. 😀


    I know that I want to be an academic physican that is for sure, getting an MPH along with the M.D is also for sure (of course if I get in) and then…if I had to pick a specialty right now it would be surgery but I also think that oncology would be highly rewarding…we will see. First I have to get in he he.

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