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    Things have been quiet recently… are you all busy with the new fall schedules? What’s new in your lives?



    Where am I? Right now waiting for our next case to be called… I’m doing a one month elective in gyn onc. Working 14 hr days… but I love it. Hopefully next month will be quieter… I’m doing a Women’s Health month (mostly clinics).

    I also need to get my butt in gear with residency applications. I know I have been avoiding it because I have been avoiding making the decisions involved with the process. But it’s time to face reality and take a stand… OB it is.


    Future Mom MDFuture Mom MD

    I am still here. With school, I have not had time to really post, but I have been checking the boards.



    I imagine it’s quiet because this is the first week of school for mommies with school age children (whose ranks I have just joined). LW

    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)

    Still here 😀 ! Don’t start school till the 27th…


    I’m here and reading but not posting much. Since I’m doing pretty much nothing this year (deferred), I don’t have much to say unless someone has a question. 🙂



    I just got home from medical ethics class, and I’m sittin’ down with my husband and a beer before we go to pick up my jeep from the body shop (hit a deer on the 4th of July). Well, I’m sitting next to my husband who is reading a skydiving magazine while I check all of my forums. THEN…I’ll be cooking dinner, getting Jay (5 y/o) into the tub and off to bed. And after everything is settled down, I’ll be reading microbiology until about 1am I imagine. That’s where I am. But it’s good to be able to pop into this and my other forums for a few minutes! I do enjoy hearing what’s going on in other moms’ worlds!



    Just got home from classes. I have too many classes. 😮 Taking an hour to multi-task – watching Days while eating lunch, checking the boards, hurrying my mom along (radiation in one hour and counting, lady!), and petting my sorely neglected cats (or at least they act like they are).

    In half an hour, I’ll drive mom to the city for her treatment, then go grocery shopping, then drive home (PLEASE NO TRAFFIC, GOD!). Hopefully I can convince myself that the physics of neural membranes is the most interesting thing I’ve ever seen for a few hours. Then dinner, a smooch for the hubby, and bed.

    Tomorrow? Get up and do it again! Yay! 😉



    I started my 3rd year Family Medicine rotation last week. Finished Peds (finally!) and have been slammed with both new rotation stuff, health fairs and other things that I’ve gotten myself involved in, marriage…I’m being pulled in too many different directions but that’s the way I like it! I’ll have to find a computer on my call nights and visit MomMD more often… 😀


    I knew this was going to be asked sooner or later…I try to check the boards as mush as possible…however school is in session – luxury time is very limited. I am beginning my junior yr. (transfer student) so I am trying to get used to things… 🙁 . It is pretty hectic…I begin my day at aprroximately 8:00am and do not get home until 6:00am. I havn’t even gone running this week -something I have to do to keep sane(anxiety attacks-to much built up energy). Well, Sethina I also wanted to let you know that this weekend I will be donating to keep us going…can you please post the information so that I know where to go? You are great and thanks for noticing ( I guess you missed us…that’s nice 😀 ) Kelddy


    oooops… I meant I’m gone from 8am-6pm…otherwise I would be running around like a chicken with my head cut off.



    Thanks again. Here is the info for donating – I really appreciate it – http://www.amazon.com/paypage/ P2MRMIJUYZIELE

    I do miss you all. I like the forums when they are BUSY!! But since we’ve got the new forums I’m very happy with the blend of discussions, I’ve learned alot and you are my online family.

    I’m having a BUSY week too. My oldest started a new class at preschool, my mother-in-law arrives tomorrow, Jasmine turns 4 and on Sunday somehow I seem to be having about 35 people for a party – many more than intended. I’ve just written my personal statement and need to finalize and send off my application to UK ASAP. What else, started a new rotation in my volunteer program…. LOVE IT. I’m now in postpartum, I think I prefer the unpredictability of my time in ER. I also like the diversity of ER, but it’s early days yet…

    On another note, while having my warts frozen off today (!) the young, male doctor (also a writer), had heard of MomMD. It’s quite bizarre that I meet people now who have heard of it!! Keep spreading the word!

    More soon!



    Hi I’m back too. Just returned on Monday night from 10 day vacation spent mostly at a cottage on a lake in Ontario – very restful, even with 5 kids under the age of 6 under foot.

    My oldest started school (grade primary) on Wed, my two little ones started nursery school and I started back to University as well. It’s been busy to say the least 😉 .

    I’m currently on a break between classes and enjoying a cuppa java while I catch up on email and check the forums. Glad to be back in a routine. Hope to hear lots from you all this year 😮


    I’m here. I read more than I post, but I am alive! 😀


    I was at Bryn Mawr College last week to begin the post bacc program with the math review. The math review was overwhelming. I had algebra,geometry, advanced algebra, and trig in highschool,15-19 yrs ago. Calculus was not offered. However, that was many years ago.After weighing my options, I decided the only way I could handle physics was to return home and take some math courses as refreshers. The physics course at Bryn Mawr is calculus based (taught as you go I hear). The only math course that I was required to take in college was stats. I did well in math earning all A. So, I returned home to Rochester,MN. I have spent the week investigating math courses. Of course, Fall classes have all ready started. I will be taking college algebra and precalculus via distance learning.Of course, I am disappointed. Yet, I am remaining optimistic. I will take the math classes,review, do research, work supplemental as a PNP, enjoy the time with my family and return to the post bacc program next year. The look on my son’s face when I returned(Bryn Mawr is 1165 miles away) and the hug I got are priceless.

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