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    Just needed a little outlet. I am right in the middle of finals. Besides having to study after my children go to sleep, my daughter(11 years old) has a basketball game twice a week, my 6 month old son has his first cold, my boyfriend lost his job, and my mother(who is my babysitter) has been called out of town for two days..which just happens to be when my hardest final exams are.
    I cannot tell you how many times this week I have asked myself if it is all worth it. I know that this is just exam stress. I just feel so much better when I can tell someone exactly what I am feeling. My house is a wreck, I havent cooked a “meat,potatoe, and veggie” meal since finals began and my laundry is climbable. So, who has it all together? I do of course!! One of the basketball moms sitting next to me at the game said “You know, everytime I see you you are always so calm and put together. I wish I could be like that with two kids.” I thought to myself, “Lady, if you only knew!”
    Anyway…I appreciate anyone who took the time to hear me out. My prayers are with all of you who are out in final land somewhere.


    Wow! Your life sounds just like mine this morning! My daughter is in gymnastics and practices 3x week, my laundry is “climable” (how do they make so much dirty clothes in less than a week???) and my husband is unavailable! Forget dinner, I let the boys (6 yrs) pick out frozen dinners at the store yesterday. :crossfingers: At least we’re not alone and we can take a breather after those finals are done.

    Good luck with the studying! [glasses]



    I understand hwo hard it is to juggle everything. My life is non stop and sometimes I don’t know how I will get through the week. Just hang in there. The best thing is to organise your week. I finish my housework first thing on Sat morning and just do washing up etc. on the other days. I structure my day so a do some of what is required on each day. You must take time out to exercise/yoga etc. I book myself in for a facial once a month. I have a weekly planner and organise my mornings/afternoons and evenings for homework, kids activities, work and friends. You will get there!. Wish you the best.


    wow. You moms inspire me. I am just starting a 8+yr schooling and I thought I would be overwhelmed. I have a full time job… and I guess all I have to worry about is work, house, money and school. You gals have work(manybe), house, money, school, kids, gymnastics, feeding and cleaning up after a family, PTA’s,…. I log in this site and it helps me to focus and make me humble… Good job, ladies!!!


    I have only a three year old. I go to class in the evenings, work right after class until early morning. His dad watches him at night and I have him during the day. I get home at 0545 and he wakes up at 0700 so I can catch a nap then and in the afternoon when he takes his. While he’s up I try and do the cleaning but more often just lay on the couch cat napping. I do homework while I’m at work and in the early evening before class.

    I *wish* I could be more organised and get on a schedule but I am such a procrastinator. Anyone know if there’s a Procrastinator’s Support Group out there?


    You go girl! :wave:

    Elise 😀
    Med 1


    This is such a great site! Thanks for all of the listening ears. It feels good to know that I am not the Lone Ranger. Elsie, thanks for the hug. I have a Bio exam tonight and I just found out that I have been exempt from my Calculus exam. Whoo Hoo!! So after tonight I am putting this semester on the shelf! It has been tough but WE MADE IT!!!! 😀
    I love and appreciate you all.

    Thank you.
    Happy Holidays [santahat]


    Chan congrats on being exempt from your exam! I am also officially done with finals (at least the ones you actually have to study for) today! Now just trying to gear up for the major MCAT studying starting next week…


    Okay, I endured Biochem!!! I may have even escaped with an A-! That class was a real bear.

    Now I just have to take the Genetics final next Tuesday. Too bad the prof didn’t test us on the last 3rd of the class yet. I sure wish I could skip this one and get on with the holidays!



    Boy, I know how you are feeling!!
    I am a single mom of a GREAT 8 yr old girl who is absolutely no. 1!! I have been studying my rear off for the last 2 weeks to prepare for my physics and o-chem finals!!! After work, dinner, daughter’s homework, bath, more work (self employed) and bedtime, I was finally able to study…and study, and study!!! :tired:
    Many times I really wish I had some family nearby!! Unfortunately though, I am out in the middle of nowhere, without ANYONE (sniff, sniff). I have been functioning on maybe 4 hours of sleep a night (on a good night) for the last week and I finally had my last test yesterday!!! Whew…IT’S OVER (for now)!!!! :goodvibes: And, today, I found out my grades!!! A in Physics, A in O-chem lab! :crossfingers:
    Did I mention, IT’S OVER??!! IT’S OVER, IT’S OVER!!! :rotfl:
    This semester has been VERY challenging…I’m just so glad to have it done and have done it well!! Now…it’s time to put my feet up and relax!!! Good luck to you all!!


    PS to Shanna,
    I really, really feel for you! 🙁 You have a tuff schedule! Don’t beat yourself up about procrastinating!! You’re doing GREAT by just making it through the day without major bodily insult!! :tired: I really feel for you, girl!! But, try as hard as you can to get more sleep! It doesn’t sound like you’re getting much now, and believe me, it WILL catch up with you!!! Our bodies NEED regeneration! Depriving it of that will eventually rear it’s ugly head! Let your house get messy, let your lawn grow to 5 feet and maybe, just maybe, you can get some extra sleep! Make sleep, exercise and your child (child of highest priority, of course!) the number one priorities…let everything else just fall into place…when and where ever!! 😉
    Best of luck to you!

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