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    OK, so I am taking my pre-reqs at a community college, and the advisors are totally useless. I need to enroll for my 2nd semester of bio, but they don’t have bio I, bio II, etc. Instead, the 1st semester is Bio I for majors, which covers the cellular stuff, and after that, you can take zoology, anatomy or physiology. I need to take the class that will best prepare me for the mcat (april 2004, hopefully), but the CC advisors don’t know what to tell me, nor does the pre-med advisor from the local 4-yr university with whom i spoke today. :banghead: I am really confused about which class i should take. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


    Well, based on the content of the MCAT I would have to go with the physiology class. Anatomy and zoology was not tested but physiology was. For more detailed MCAT content you can go to aamc.org and look under MCAT, there is a pdf file with all the subjects that can appear on the exam.


    When I went back amd took classes at my local community college, I ran into the same problem! I ended up looking on the MCAT site and getting an MCAT prep book to see what sorts of things I was deficient in. I took a combined Anatomy and Physiology class and a Microbiology that also covered a bit of Genetics and Immunology. I found that both of those helped tremendously. I also took Chemistry and Organic Chem and in retrospect, I should have taken Physics again too! All in all, I did great in my classes and on the MCAT and I made it in.


    Thanks to fraggle for posting the question. I am in the same position at my school and had looked at MCAT prep stuff but was still trying to decide. So, thanks to efex101 and bernadette for some insight for people that have been there! Thanks for helping us! 🙂



    Here’s what my bio classes look like.

    Fall – Genetics, Human Anatomy and Physiology
    Spring – BioChem, Molecular, Cell BIology

    This curriculum, they said, was specially designed for Premeds. Good Luck!

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