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    I need some advice…

    I just started my first semester as a postbac premed student and am already in trouble. I’m taking a physiology course at the graduate level and will probably get a grade of C if I don’t drop it. This won’t affect my undergrad GPA, which isn’t that high to begin with.

    I’m planning to take the second half of the class next semester, but at the undergrad level cause I really need to bring my science GPA up.

    So, with that said, is it better to have a C or a W on your transcript? Any advice for people who have a low GPA from undergrad but REALLY want to go to medical school? I’m probably leaving out some important detail/information but I just feel so overwhelmed with this entire process that I’m not sure where to begin.


    A W is better for it will not go into your gpa


    I don’t know if this is funny or sad, but I just went online to ask the same question.
    Mine is a B, undergraduate orgaic chemistry. I don’t really need this class becuase I am taking an equivalent one in a nother school. So what is worse, a B or a W?


    The B isn’t too bad, but why are you taking duplicate classes? Is the B better or worse than the other grade you had? Also, is it a community college, or a 4-year school? Adcoms will look more at a grade from a 4 yr school, so if the B is from a 4 year, and the other one is not, I would still keep it.

    A “B” is not a bad grade, especially if you have A’s in other subjects that balance it. Premeds do NOT need straight A’s to get into med school, as I’m sure many women on this forum can tell you.


    A B is not a bad grade so why are you worried?

    Amy BAmy B

    A C won’t hurt you. Do you need the class? Because if you need it and take a W now, the adcoms will know you probably dropped it because you were failing.

    Don’t be afraid of a C. Unless of course you get a bunch of them. I did have a number of C’s due to a death in my family. It happens. How many W’s do you have as of now? A lot of W’s is signs for concern.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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