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    OK, without naming any names what kind of people should not become doctors? What personality traits should doctors NOT have? What personal characterisitics should doctors not have? This can be serious or funny. Considering the biggest serial killer of all time (Shipman) was a doctor wonder what drew him to the practice of medicine, how can people like that be eliminated from the application process?


    People are more alike than different…no matter what ethnicity or economic status. Most of us are only one major disease from being uninsured….and 6 paychecks from being homeless.

    People who are convinced that certain groups are “better” than others based on skin color, country of origin, economic status…etc…

    ….should not be doctors.


    Wow, Mya…you are awesome!

    I’m going to agree with her….



    I think the type of Pre-med major that hides reading material or sabotages other people’s data in order to get ahead in the grading curve should not be doctors. If you cannot respect your peers in undergraduate, you will not respect your medical colleagues or your patients. These people also seem to come with a better-than-thou, self-righteous attitude too.


    Well, and lets not forget people who are actively abusing alcohol and drugs…though I wouldnt’ have a problem with someone who had taken steps to clean up their lives….


    ….people without compassion.

    I still remember, the day my sons doctor and I first discussed his disorder……and the tear that I saw fall from his eye.

    doc dredloc 2bdoc dredloc 2b

    I agree with you Cynthia….

    Compassion in my opinion is an integral part of being a good doctor. I think to often doctors are afraid to show their emotions, but I know that when I become a doctor, I’ll probably boo-hoo all the time.

    I’m such a wimp 🙁


    anyone who does not have the patience to deal with people one-on-one should not go into medical specialties that would need that – ie peds, IM, FP, & even subspecialists.

    If one has little patience- maybe more of the behind the scenes areas would be better?


    Anyone with low tolerance for stress, or who’s inclined to take insults hard. Anyone who’s never stepped away from books and knocked around in the world a bit. Anyone who really wants to be doing something else.



    Patience and compassion,without which u cannot be a patient prefering doctor.


    I actually know docs who say they DON’T LIKE PEOPLE!!! Obviously they are not thriving…


    Anyone who can’t admit they are wrong or can’t admit they don’t know – they are downright dangerous doctors.

    Anyone who can’t deal with making mistakes – because you will make them and it can be hard to forgive yourself.

    Anyone who doesn’t have the imagination to realize that someone else may see things completely differently than he/she does, have a different set of values, and may make different decisions than the “recommended” course.


    anyone with narcissistic tendencies………these types can be drawn to the medical world for the ‘status’ and ‘power’ ……… its just not fair to the patients let alone the other staff who have to put up with them!
    that’s my :twocents: :yes:

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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