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    What is your answer when asked in an interview or by anyone else?


    I want to become a doctor so that I can help people (specifically children) live their best lives. I sincerely believe that becoming a doctor will allow me to live my best life every day.



    To help people. I believe that helping others is the greatest reward in life. I also would love to be able to afford my daughter’s college education and to pay for my parents retirement. No other job would provide me with those things all in 1 package. 🙂



    I want to become a doctor to be able to use my best qualities to touch peoples lives. Being a doctor involves ongoing learning and education. We only live once, and to be able to say one has helped save lives, or even just touched their lives, in addition to obtaining a wealth of knowlege, is more than fulfilling for me. I cant imagine just finishing highschool and not furthering my education. Many people die without learning about life’s miraculous things. I only have this life, and this life I will conquer disease, and obtain as much knowlege as humanly possibe for the sake of my brothers and sisters here on earth.

    DO HopefulDO Hopeful

    I’ve always been fascinated by health issues, particularly women’s health and preventive medicine / wellness. I have such a great appreciation for what the human body is capable of, especially in healing itself. Years ago I had developed hives but I didn’t know what caused them or how to make them go away. After taking an allergy test (ouch!) and taking several allergy medication, the hives were still there. Finally, I talked to someone who suggested that stress might be causing the flare ups. At the time I really hated my job and had been trying for months to get pregnant. Soon after I became pregnant, and I eventually quit my job. Plus, I made a conscious effort to eat healthier and exercise regularly. The hives have not been back since then (hopefully they won’t resurface in med school!). With my 2 pregnancies I had 2 c-sections. After several months my body healed just fine both times, and I breastfed my babies for nearly a year each. Based on just my own experiences, I truly believe that the human body is so amazing . . . but I think that so many people underestimate what their bodies can do or don’t appreciate their bodies, especially many young women and girls because of our culture. I hope that when I become a doctor, I’ll be able to use my knowledge and passion to help women and girls develop healthier body images/self-images and/or work in preventive medicine to help people live healthier lives. Maybe I could do both . . . we’ll see.

    M -AM-A

    I want to become a doctor because the human body fascinates me. I am particularly interested in the pathology of diseases and how we treat them. I also enjoy helping others and making a difference in people’s lives.


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