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    Hi all
    I’m new to the mommd website and forums. I would love advice from other women/physicians on balancing a career in cardiology and still being a wonderful mom and wife. Also any other cardiologist in Texas with career advice is much appreciated!


    I guess there are no other cardiologists from Texas here. The only way I was able to balance a career in medicine with my husband and kids was to give up most of my social life, except for the parts of it that involved my job and co-workers, or the parts that centered on my kids, their friends, and their friends’ parents.


    I’m not a cardiologist in Texas, but I am a doctor mom. I wish I had an answer for you on work-life balance. I can’t figure out how to make it all fit either. I don’t do much socially – most of my friends are medical friends. My husband and I don’t go out AT ALL b/c it’s simply too much trouble to get a sitter.

    I feel I have no idea what goes on inside my own home half the time. Luckily, my husband works from home and keeps up on most of the “mommy” things – cleaning/laundry/doctors appts. Not sure what I would do if he worked outside the home. I’d probably have to go to part time.

    So, I’m sorry I can’t offer a solution – but forums can also serve as a type of support group and I wanted you to know you are not alone.


    Being in medical field is really stressful. A cardiologist is almost equivalent to a doctor, though have some special training and skill in finding, treating and preventing diseases of the heart and blood vessels. But the work load and the stress is almost same. And when it comes to a mom, the things become even worse. But still she has to make a balance to move forward.


    This forum is for physicians only. Thank you.
    Also please note that a cardiologist is exactly equivalent to a doctor.

    heartdoc momheartdoc mom

    It’s tough. I’m a cardiologist and a new mom. I’ve been trying to find a jobshare or part-time non-invasive cardiology job in California but have not have any luck. It’s as if there is no such thing available only because so few women are in the field. I imagine female surgeons are facing the same problem. I dread going back to my current job…


    Hi heartdocmom. Not sure you’re still on this forum since your post wsas from a few years ago. I was just curious if you’d come up with any jobshare. I live in LA and am a non-invasive cardiologist looking for something similar. I mentioned this to one of my friends (also a female cardiologist) and she had never heard of the term jobshare. I suppose it’s just such a foreign concept in medicine. Interested in any experiences people have had.

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