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    I do believe my own mother thinks I have lost my mind! It is so nice to have found you all because now I at least have safety in numbers. Either I have not lost my mind, or we all lost our minds in the same place. I’m cool with it either way;)
    I am 28, married, and have two kids, a 3yo and a 16-month-old. I have two degrees in music, and I used to teach school. I decided a long time ago that I would have to be *really* hungry to do that again. I finally decided what I want to do and my husband has been extraordinarily supportive.
    I am working on my prerequisites now and plan to apply after taking the April 2004 MCAT.
    There has been a lot going on around here, and I would love to chat about it with anyone, but I’ll wait a bit…I don’t want to scare you away with a simple intro. already!
    Anyway, I am glad you are here!


    Welcome, Natalie. So glad you found us! No, you haven’t lost your mind. At least that’s the consensus around here! 😉

    There are all sorts of women on this forums, traditional path physicians and nontraditionals alike. It sounds like you are already well in your path to applying to med school! I hope you’ll find some good topics on the forums.

    Good luck!


    I got that whole “lost your mind” bit from my mother as well. Did she tell you you were being “selfish” also? I hope not. I have three great kids, a really supportive husband, and a mother who makes “Marie Barrone” (Everybody Loves Raymond), look nurturing. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t, or shouldn’t, go to medical school. My kids are well adjusted and thriving, my marriage is wonderful, and I will be a first year medical student this fall. Good luck!


    I haven’t heard that bit about “lost your mind” at all myself…but that could be because I haven’t told my mother yet. I figured there was no point stressing her and ultimately myself while getting through this process. I’ll tell her when I receive that nice fat envelope…hopefully sooner rather than later. :crossfingers:


    Oh Natalie, no one has told that I’m crazy. Only me. I’m 25 with a one year old and I’m a single parent. It amazes me how much I want this. I’m also glad I found a place. Now I know that I’m not alone.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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