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    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)

    Hi everyone!

    Here are the Rules and Regulations of MomMD’s Competition Discussion! Have fun while posting, and you could possibly win a $100 gift certificate to while you’re at it! What’s there to lose? 😀 Have fun….



    Here’s a challenge for you!! Between Sept 24 2003 and Nov 30 2003 the registered poster who starts the new topic/thread that gets the most replies will win a $100 gift certificate. Treat yourself or someone else, a nice $ extra in time for your holiday shopping.

    Use your imagination! What do you think others want to talk about? What questions do you have that you need answers for? The world is your oyster! Get started now though to give your topic a chance to build. Nurture it and encourage discussion! Start as many discussions as you want. The more the merrier!!


    The winner will be announced in early-Dec 2003.


    You must be a registered MomMD forum user. The message must be started as a new topic between the qualifying dates. To qualify you must be logged in, messages started anonymously are not eligible to win. The original new message/topic/thread must be dated between 00.01am Pacific 9-24-03 and 23.59pm Pacific 11-30-03. Moderators are not eligible to win. In the event of a tie, our moderators will vote for the topic they think adds the most value to the MomMD discussion forums. Messages deemed offensive will be eliminated from the competition. No cheating! Our moderators follow discussions closely, anyone using artificial methods to boost reply counts (i.e. replying to their own message many times) will be eliminated from the competition. We also reserve the right to edit or delete duplicate posts. We also have the right to determine the overall winner based upon rules of fairness and the spirit of discussion. Blah, blah, blah, you know what we mean! We want you to have fun and not cheat!

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