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    Interesting study from the UK…
    A woman’s work is never done may sound like a tired old cliché – but it may be more true than ever.

    According to a new survey a woman’s working week is now half a day longer than it was five years ago – and that’s without housework.

    The increase is down to the growing number of women in more high-powered management and professional jobs, say researchers.

    In contrast, the total number of hours worked by men has fallen slightly over the same period – from 45.5 hours to 44.8 hours.

    Read the rest here –

    It’s no wonder we’re all so tired 😉

    What do you think? Are you working longer or less hours than you used to? Are employers becoming more sympathetic to flexible work? How family friendly is your employer or school?


    hmm..that is interesting..i see this first hand in the lab i am working in..i think that one of the primary reasons for this is that women are less likely to say no to work that they may be given for a variety of reasons and also that women are more detail oriented (my male colleagues often have lots shortcuts)..the men i see can more easily stand their ground when it comes to being taken advantage of, but when it comes to the women sometimes they have more to prove so they just do whatever.. while i try not to let myself fall go in this trend (and sometimes i do), i observe this clearly in a very competitive environment..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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