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    I’m (y’know, new years resolutions and all) to get back into working out a little more. Before med school I did a few (slow) sprint triathlons, and would love to try another this summer (the time committment isn’t too bad). Right now it is easy since I’m in my 3rd year elective block, but I’m worried that once I start medicine it’ll all go out the window. I feel so guilty about taking the extra time away from my kids, but I know intellectually that I’m happier and healthier when I exercise. I’d love to get advice/encouragement from and mommds (especially residents)who have managed to integrate exercise into their already busy lives!


    Unfortunately I can’t speak from the mom side of things, but from the resident side…there is always time…you just have to make it.

    One of our attendings runs every morning at 4 or so. I have met a few residents who have been able to do the same. All in surgical residencies.

    Most hospitals have a gym on the premises…although it may be a rather small one, sometimes it can still be worth it.

    I also met a guy at Dartmouth that would run the stairs while he was on call in order to get his run in.

    Creativity and drive will get it into the schedule.

    Good luck!!!!


    My husband and I are both MDs and have 2 kids. He gets up early to run, and I do it at night (on a treadmill). I agree that there is always time. You learn to get by on very little sleep anyway. If you feel like you should be studying, get some educational tapes to listen to!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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