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    I am at a really critical point in my decision making process of whether I want to go into medicine or not. I’m a 19-y/o college senior who has been taking the medicine pre-reqs all along and now, after spending so much time reading the mommd posts (some very disheartening with their realities) and talking to my father (a physician very disapointed by the profession) about medicine, I am re-thinking going into this field. The other options I am considering are nursing, PA, naturopathy, and a PhD program in Preventive Care. Would any of you doctors have gone into one of these fields instead of medicine in retrospect? Especially nursing. Does anyone feel like the should have been a nurse because of flexible schedules, more time with kids, etc? Thanks for your opinions!


    Perhaps now is not the time to talk to me, but I am five years out of finishing my general surgery residency and a trauma fellowship and thinking that I want to change careers. A lot of what it sounds like your dad has expressed to you (disappointment in his profession) I’ve begun to experience and I find that I don’t really enjoy it despite having invested four years of med school and seven years of post graduate training. If you do decide to go to med school, pick a primary care residency that doesn’t require so much time away from your family and where the concerns about malpractice, etc. aren’t so much a part of your day to day operations (no pun intended!).


    Dear Katya,

    I wish I were 19 years old again… and yes, I would do things differently (sigh!…) One thing that I think is great is that you *are* looking into different options. Nursing has changed a great deal since 20 years ago (when I first went to college). Nursing roles have expanded tremendously and there are opportunities for continued learning and advancement. Back when I was in school, a woman who was bright and did well in science was encouraged to consider medicine instead of nursing (a result of “women’s lib”). As a result, women’s numbers in medical school have gone from maybe 20% to now almost 50% over the past 20 years (rough stats, okay?).

    I am not posting here to explicitly tell you to stay away from medicine but rather to encourage you to continue learning about different career paths. Perhaps you could spend some time in the office of some doctors (other than your father) and gain some additional perspective. Another career option for you to consider is Pharmacy. I got accepted into Pharmacy School as well as Medical School and finding myself wishing I had chosen Pharmacy instead. BTW, not all pharmacists work in retail, as you probably know!

    Because you are ahead for your age in your studies, you indeed have the ability to take extra time, if needed, to make your decisions. You’ve certainly asked a great question here!


    I have tremendous respect for good nurses but I would never want to be in that role! I don’t regret my career. I would not want to be in healthcare in a role where I would have even less control over my life and my time. Other options maybe. Pharmacy and dentistry pay pretty well for the investment. But I don’t think I would really like them myself. In the end, try to do what you are passionate about.

    Good luck.


    I just wanted to thank you, Laural, CaliMD, and FPmommy for your replies! I value every tidbit of advice and personal experience based wisdom I can glean!! 🙂 Just to let you know, my classes start on Monday and instead of finishing my pre-med pre-reqs, I’m taking A&P for nursing. I have a feeling I’ll be a lot happier in the long run for choosing this path. :goodvibes: THANK YOU for your advice!


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