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    i am currently taking medical anthropology. it is a total step outside of my box. our final term paper is to write a medical ethnography of a medical event. by this i mean that we are to spend time at a field site observing (and participating in?!) the “culture” of a medical event or practice. it is also suggested that we perform interviews with the practitioners and patients. i am a little apprehensive in how to go about approaching someone when performing my research. medical anthropology seems to be extremely critical of everything that is traditional biomedicine (and, thus, sets the tone of the research that is to be conducted), so i can anticipate that it may be offensive if i explain the nature of my research. i am thinking about going into the NICU to observe parent education of preterm infants.

    any advice?


    Hi Trish-
    Does it have to be a Western medical event?

    Since Chineses traditional medicine has become accepted by even some insurance companies, that might be an option.

    The diagnosis process is really interesting, AND the patients usually stay completely clothed, which makes for a little less embarrassment for all!

    Good luck!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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