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    Hi! I am applying to medical school for fall 2003 and have a husband and a 9 month old. it is so difficult to go back to school with a family! my husband doesn’t wnat to move and is very concerned about finances. luckily there is a med shcool here in town and 1.5 hours away. i really wnat to go to the one 1.5 hours away. they have a blck scheduel. calsses beside shte preceptorship meet 8am-12noon each day! i have known people to commute to that city be we could live halfway in between but my husband doens’t wnat to leave this house. arrggh! that would be a greta compromise since he doesn’t want to leave his job either? this i can understand since he will be the one making the money. he is supportive except for these things :-). does anyone else have a spouse with this sort of reaction? we have also thought that i could maybe get a place and stay in the city 2-3 days out of the week. i dont’ want to be away from my son that much though. should i push for the med school in town even though it it may not be my first choice?
    also, is there anyone else out there who has had a baby in med shcool? what ist he best time to have one? i have thought that having one the summer afetr my first year would be great but that would mean being pregnant during my first year and I am not too sure about that.

    any advcie you haev on these things and managing a child while in med shcool would be helpful.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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