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    I am divorced and the father is LONG GONE. Read: I do this parent thing alone 24/7. I want to go to med school, but I am afraid that once I get into residency my relationship with my daughter will fall apart, she’ll be 12-15 years old by that time. What are your schedules like?

    PS- I’m pretty good at doing the impossible, although I’ve heard residency is much higher level of impossible.


    I hear you, and I understand. Residency *is* time-consuming…moreso than most “normal” jobs. And with a pre-teen (at that time) she may feel a bit neglected. BUT, perhaps you can still get ready, apply for, and even complete medschool…these are definately doable. You can always delay residency…until she’s older. Or maybe you can find a cushie residency…in a “cushie” field…

    That way, you’re progressing…and once your child(ren) are old(er) you’ll be halfway there…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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