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Returning after extended LOA

1 year 2 months ago #96264 by Nmwlcyc
Any recommendations for a Mom who took 3 years off from Emergency Medicine to stay home with a child with disabilities looking to go back to work? Worked 9 years after residency but didn't renew boards secondary to family obligations and now trying to renter the medical field. Practiced emergency medicine but now most likely urgent care will be appropriate. Better to do locums, travel? Or tortue myself and try for my board certification back. I enjoyed my job and actually miss it, but couldn't avoid stopping working for a few years.
1 year 2 months ago #96265 by sahmd
Three years is not a long time, despite what some people think. I think your path back into practice will depend on any ongoing limitations you will face due to the ongoing care of your child. I will send you a PM with more information within a day or two.
1 year 2 months ago #96266 by sahmd
In the meantime, take a look at this blog by another physician who re-entered:


Keep in mind that her re-entry was very long and involved because she lived in a very strict state and because she was out of clinical practice for over a decade.
1 year 2 months ago #96268 by TABO
I am in a similar boat. I am an ER physician. After my first son was born I tried working nights thinking that would let me be home with him but, all it did was turn me into a zombie. I left ER and did varicose vein work for three years- a decision I completely regret. My husband is French and we decided to move to France three years ago to be closer to his aging parents. I learned French and started working in the ER here 15 months ago. I am paid like a resident with all the responsibilities of an attending. I am trying to get some locums work in the US but I didn't recertify my boards last year. It is proving difficult to find something without Board certification. I am planning on taking the Boards again this November. Any advice on finding jobs for non certified physicians. My total LOA from ER was 5 years.
2 months 2 weeks ago #96770 by bjk
Are you working in Emergency Medicine now?
2 months 2 weeks ago #96771 by bjk
I have been home since 1999, let my license lapse in 2001 and my Family Practice Board Certification lapse, as well. There is a worse shortage of psychiatric care and substance abuse care in rural Vermont than even for general primary care, and we have no psych hospital or ward in the area, so someone needing that level of care would be referred out of the area.

During my absence we had a mental health crisis in our family, and I sure learned a lot about challenges accessing care and lack of parity despite state and federal laws "requiring" it. Also became familiar with Bob Whitaker's book, "Anatomy of an Epidemic", which certainly spoke to me, given how alarmed I was in med school that a person could be given a life sentence of medication despite no studies for more than 6 months on the meds at that time (now some studies go for 18 months, but still pathetically short compared to what we use them for). From there, learned about Open Dialogue, which started in Lapland (in Finland), and am now looking to help develop that throughout Vermont (in limited ways, has started on the other side of my state already).

I don't intend to admit to hospitals any more, but want to provide care for some people with psychiatric symptoms or diagnoses, and obtain consultation when needed. I want to re-learn enough family medicine to have confidence in differential diagnoses, prescribing medications, monitoring for adverse side effects, etc., and then decide how much more primary care to provide.

Anyone out there looking for study partners for FP boards or Psych boards? I am not eligible to take the Psych boards, but will be reading much of the material anyway. And at this time I don't expect to take the FP boards, but again, will be studying much of the material. Right now I am falling asleep reading, so discussing with someone would be a help. There is a reason we studied material relevant to the patients we cared for in medical school!
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