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Special Message from MomMD Founder

Special Message from MomMD Founder

Dear Visitor,

I founded this site for women like you. MomMD is your place to get connected and meet other women in medicine. Woman-to-woman communication is a powerful thing. With more women having a medical career, balancing career and family is a top priority for the medical community.

If you have a question or concern about your career or family, chances are, someone has been there before and you can benefit a great deal from their experience. Your experience is also invaluable and you have much to share with others. Whether you are a physician, resident, medical student, premed or just thinking of a medical career, you will find a myriad of resources here for you. We have members young and old, with one child, no child or nine children, infant children, adult children, single moms, married, divorced, lesbian moms, dads, and members from many other diverse backgrounds. Join in, get involved, discuss and contribute to this important community.

Why did I start this site? After deciding upon a medical career after the birth of my first daughter I found nothing on the Internet to help me see if balancing a medical career with children was even possible. Did they even have Moms in medical school? Would I ever see my children or husband? I’m currently a medical student and loving every minute of it. I am also dedicating my time to running MomMD, LLC and creating the best women in medicine web site around. Bookmark this page or make us your start page and check back often, new content is being added all the time. I especially enjoy adding content written by our members. If you have ideas, comments or suggestions let me know.


Sethina Edwards