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Get Your MomMD Gear Here

Get Your MomMD Gear Here

We know you’re smart. And we just assume you’re a smart dresser.

Check out the MomMD gear at the MomMD Online Store at CafePress, and make an even bolder statement with your clothes by snatching up one of our freshly designed T-shirts. There are coffee mugs, pajamas, and tote bags too.

With our Super Mom design, you can let the world know:

  • I can kick your backside
  • I can bandage it up
  • All my good clothes are at the cleaners

We hope you’ll pick up your MomMD gear today. Wear it loud, wear it proud.

And with all the charity walk-a-thon events coming up on the calendar, we hope you’ll consider forming a MomMD team and grab a handful of Super Mom T-shirts in a variety of styles. And don’t forget to pick one up for your mate. He can wear MomMD with pride too. Contact for more information about MomMD teams.

— The MomMD Family

(Logo backside shown below)