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Girl shares battle with osteosarcoma

Girl shares battle with osteosarcoma

Lillie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at age 13, in 2010. After a few months she was told her cancer had gone from a 70 percent chance of survival to a 30 percent of survival.  The discomfort was so bad that even moving her leg had her wincing in terrible pain.  It took nine surgeries, extensive chemo that made her very sick and burnt her from the inside out (she still has scars on her hands from the chemo) to recover and has an internal titanium upper leg.

New treatments for Osteosarcoma haven’t been made in 40 years. The cancer is fast acting, very painful, and often involves amputations and so MIB Agents (, a totally volunteer charity organization, is sounding the alarm.

Recently, Lillie recruited Nadia Khristean, a popular singer songwriter that creates music videos for a cause to help garner awareness and donations. Nadia brought in YouTube sensations Tannerites, and Madilyn Paige, recently released a music video that already has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people, in hopes to keep the forward momentum in the development of these long overdue treatments for osteosarcoma.

The good news is last year enough money had been raised to begin some tests for treatments at the University of Utah. The researchers there are working on the development of treatments for Osteosarcoma from the DNA of elephants.

It’s been seven years since Lillie’s painful battle with osteosarcoma, she still has issues with her leg and is constantly reminded of those difficult times in the hospital. The pain however, has pushed her to work along side so many other volunteers at MIB agents to help the 1,000 plus new people with this bone cancer every year.