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Hardly Discussed Breast Cancer Early Signs

Hardly Discussed Breast Cancer Early Signs

Did you know that breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer among women worldwide? There is higher occurrence of breast cancer rates in the developed countries as compared to developing countries. A study by the National Cancer Institute in the USA shows that each year there are 232,340 female breast cancer cases and 2,240 male breast cancer cases. According to the study, an average of 39, 620 Americans die each year from breast cancer. As an informed health savvy person, you should know what signs to look for to be able to deal with the breast cancer in its early stages. Learn more about hardly discussed breast cancer signs:

1. Upper back pains as a risk to cancer tumors development

How can back pains be linked to breast cancer? That is a question you are probably asking yourself. We all get back pains from time to time from various causative conditions, but does it mean its breast cancer? Experiencing pain in your upper back which you feel like it is originating deep from your bones can be an early breast cancer sign. Though it is not cancer for all the cases, it should call for immediate diagnosis from a medical professional. Do not get yourself freaked out if you have some chronic back pains. Just see a doctor for diagnosis as it may not be necessarily cancer. When tumors develop on the breasts, they exert pressure on your spine and ribs which brings about persistent pain. With this nightmare breast cancer, everyone should be on the watch for any unusual signs on your spine, neck or even upper back. If you experience any of these signs, schedule for an immediate appointment with a doctor.

2. Health of the cells and hormonal fluctuations

Ever heard of the belief that breast cancer results from inheritance of bad genes that makes you vulnerable to the threatening condition? Many medical practitioners tend to believe this. Most people will think that they can never evade cancer if their dad, mother or family member suffered the same. However, this is not always the case. Most breast cancer cases have been linked to type of diet, lifestyle fitness and the environments we live in. These factors have been found to dictate female endocrine function, such as hormone production and balance. Hormonal imbalances greatly influences breast cancer development as it acts as a major determinant. Currently, doctors help women to determine their level of risk to developing breast cancer, thus giving them the ability to manage it at an early stage.

3. Mineral Deficiencies

Research shows that an estimated 75% of healthy adult population has iodine deficiency. Don’t they take salt? Iodine is believed to scrap off any cancer cells within the body. Is your diet well balanced? Do you get sufficient nutrients in all the foods you take? Insufficient iodine and vitamin D in your diet exposes you to a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Vitamin D has also been found to be a risk factor in breast cancer development. You can always supplement for these deficiencies and also consume foods rich in zinc and selenium which help in the fight against cancer. Visiting a doctor for tests about mineral deficiencies is a great idea.

4. Changes in body functions

Do you know the rhythm on how your body works? Every woman has a unique rhythm on how their body works. You should also learn how your natural rhythm function as it is very important in spotting early symptoms of breast cancer. This is inclusive to paying a very keen attention to unusual signs especially with the breast tissue. This is very important in managing cancer at its early stages. In case of any unusual situation, it’s ideal to see a doctor for screening. If you identify a single and isolated lump with some localized pain on your breast, then it could a cancer sign that should prompt you to see a doctor at once. Most people tend to believe a tumor in the breast is always cancer. But cancer can get tricky as it can be manifested by small tumor spreads within the breast tissue. Thus any unusual signs should always be noted as cancer can be manifested in many different ways.

5. Unusual breast lumps

Doctors most commonly identify presence of cancer by identifying lumps in the breast. They do this through the help of mammogram x-rays. The rays offer a great help for identifying presence of cancer in the breast tissues. But use of the mammogram x-rays has disadvantage as they can result to cancer due to presence of iodizing radiations they send to the breast tissues. Physical examination is thus the best diagnosis approach if you suspect to be a breast cancer victim.


With technology at hand, we should not be victims of some cases of breast cancer. All you have to do is explore and carry your own research if you identify symptoms linked to the condition. Many health online sites currently have the signs of cancer to look for and what you can do on your own. Tackling breast cancer at an early stage is an effective way to get rid of it.