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Have You Prepared A To-Do List For Your Pregnancy?

Have You Prepared A To-Do List For Your Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one occurrence that completely changes a woman’s life though temporarily. This is because with conception and subsequent pregnancy comes a whole new set of responsibilities and things that must be done to ensure a healthy baby is delivered safely. Special care and attention must be accorded to the unborn child as it develops. This is what brings the need for you to prepare a list of the things you must do before your baby is born.

To most people, the gestation period is just some other ordinary time to be sailed through effortlessly. The only thing that they think should change is the number of photos they post on Instagram and other social sites. I mean, isn’t obvious that the world needs to get updated on every milestone on an hourly basis? What about keeping the universe abreast with how your pregnancy develops week by week?

However, there is a whole load of other things you should channel your energy towards instead of mastering those 1001 and one poses to impress the world. On that note, allow me to say that it is alright to take photos when you are pregnant. After all, who does not want always to remember this journey?  However, it should not be the only thing you do. Some other things you should feature in your “to do” lists include:

1. Document your pregnancy dates

Before you even start sharing the good news with your friends and the world, first calculate how far the pregnancy has gone. This can be done by counting the days since your last period. Once you are aware of this, then you will be able to approximate your due date as well as when you should start your prenatal consultations. Again knowing the age will help you know what to expect.
As the pregnancy progresses, remember to write down your hospital appointments so that you don’t miss any.

2. Always eating a correct diet

Once you discover you are pregnant, your diet has to change.  You are no longer allowed to eat junk food all day long and imbibe on alcohol to a stupor. Remember that you are now in charge of feeding another life that is very fragile. It is in this regard that you should work out a dietary plan that will ensure that the fetus inside you gets all the nutrients it requires.

3. Regular exercise

During this journey to motherhood, exercise is a great companion.  Exercises particularly Kegel exercises will help increase your chances of you delivering easily. These exercises help strengthen your pelvic muscles thus preparing them for the pushing job that is awaiting. Other body exercises will help keep you healthy by ensuring you keep your weight in check and also helping your adapt to the changes that are happening to you as the pregnancy week by week continues.

4. Identify the hospital where you will deliver

Now, am sure you don’t want to be that lady who is rushed to just any hospital when that time comes. What if that hospital does not accept your insurance cards? What if it has no equipment? You realize this could be dangerous for you and your child. This is why you should find your ideal hospital in advance. If possible, have a specific doctor who will take you through the prenatal care as well as the delivery. This way, the doctor will be prepared to handle any possible complications.

5. Get prenatal care

In the current era where the giants of HIV/AIDS and Rhesus factor are glaring at us, it is important to go for check-ups during pregnancy. This way any problems in the child can be detected and rectified early enough. Again, during these checkups, you will access expert advice on matters on diet and things like drugs not to take.

6. Shop clothes and other essentials

While in this stage, your body is bound to get bigger. This means that you will no longer be able to squeeze into your favorite pair of jeans nor will you be able to sport that lacy bra. However, there are comfortable and trendy clothes specially made for expectant women that you can buy. Remember to also buy the necessities for your child. With good prenatal care, you will have known the sex of your child hence you can even buy them clothes.


It is particularly important to make a list of the things you must do once you discover you are pregnant. This way, you will be able to successfully meet all the demands of this period and hence ensure a safe delivery. The list must feature prenatal dates, diet, exercise programs, shopping among others. With this at your fingertips, your journey will be successful.