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How I Relieved My Back Pain With These Simple Principles

How I Relieved My Back Pain With These Simple Principles

Nowadays one prevalent issue among working adults is back pain, and it gets a lot worse with age.

One way to prevent and relieve back pain is by correcting your posture. What it does is align your back to the other neighboring muscles.

This makes it a critical solution for reducing the incidence of back pain. Once the problem starts to kick-in, seeking a chiropractor’s help will help as well. However, availing for professional help can also be very expensive.

If you are suffering from back pain, below are simple tips I followed and you can also adopt to correct your posture, keep your spine strong, and save you from the costly services that professionals offer to their medical clients.

Fixed My Workstation

People who work behind their desk all day and get less physical movements are usually those who suffer from back pain. This means if you sit down for many hours without the knowledge of how to create an ergonomic work space, you will eventually worsen your posture issues.

Optimizing your workspace and making it ergonomic will allow you to alleviate back pain and prevent the problem from happening again.

Below are some pointers to follow:

1. Get the right chair height that provides the best back support. The easiest way to find the right chair is to check its height and see if it is in level with your knees. If you are a relatively tall person, getting an adjustable chair usually offers some extra elevation to achieve the right height.

2. Check your desk’s height. Make sure that your forearm is parallel to your desk and keep your feet flat while sitting down.

3. Use a chair with arm rest – one that offers you to comfortably relax your arms on. An armrest that allows you to bend your elbows at a 90-degree-angle is preferred. When you are not actively typing or doing anything, your arms should be dropped. The armrest provides relief from shoulder and back tension.

4. Aside from the armrest, find a chair that comes forward to support the inward curve of your spine.

5. Lastly, your computer screen should be neither too close nor too far. It should be approximately at arm’s length.

Mind My Sitting Posture All The Time

Getting an ergonomic workspace is just one factor to reduce and even prevent back pain. But if you do not mind your sitting posture, an expensive and comfortable chair will not resolve the problem.

Driving and getting stuck in traffic often leads to hours spent sitting down as well. Make sure you prop some pillows behind your back to achieve lumbar support. If you drive for a living, there are car accessories you can install to achieve spine support.

Sleeping also requires a correct posture. The type of pillows and mattress you use at home affects how you hold up your body when you wake up. So make sure to get a quality mattress. It should not be too soft nor too firm.

Most cooking parents stay many hours in the kitchen. Slicing, chopping and preparing meals especially on special occasions can be backbreaking. You can adjust your countertops, sinks and tables to prevent you from hunching over too much.

Strength Training

Working out is essential for keeping a fit and healthy body. One exercise to strengthen your core for back and hip muscles improvement is yoga. Research shows that hip stretches and the intensity of yoga poses can effectively improve posture problems and better align your back.

Weight training in the gym can also develop stronger muscles and help improve your balance. Try to incorporate this tip if you prefer to go to the gym.

Got Creative and Used Technology

Refining your posture for back pain improvement may require some help. There are different methods for catching your body when you cannot seem to hold it in a way conducive to your back’s health. One example is installing a large mirror in your office.

Having a mirror where you can easily see the way you sit down will provide a convenient visual evaluation of your posture while working.

Technology is also helpful in this regard. Nekoze is an app utilized by many office workers to prevent poor sitting posture. It uses your computer’s camera to keep an eye on your back. As soon as you slouch, a cat icon appears on your screen and warns you about it.

There are also other posture training apps you can install on your computer or in your smartphones.

Aligning your back muscles with posture awareness and fitness improvements will prevent pain and spine-related injuries in the future. Though seeing a professional can be costly, you should never skip their services when you start experiencing severe pain. Only doctors can tell you the seriousness of your situation and the best course of treatment for your case.