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How to Get Fit in 8 Weeks

How to Get Fit in 8 Weeks

“You can do anything if you set your mind to it.” is an old adage some people use to get motivated for reaching the goals they dream of – this includes losing weight and becoming physically fit.

However, even if you have the best intentions in the world for your health and overall wellbeing, there are often frustrating reasons curtailing your success in achieving your goals.

As adults, there will always be jobs, housework, family and relationship responsibilities that need to be met before anything else can be done. Though these duties can drain us mentally, we should never let them get in the way of our life goals.

Apart from a well-planned fitness routine, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, below are a few more tips to help you achieve a lean body with a sound mind in just eight weeks.

Notice Your Time And Energy

We tend to fill our days with tasks and chores that do not benefit us that much. We could be giving favors to people, spending time on Facebook or watching TV programs. These activities should be minimized as soon as possible.

First, notice where you spend your time on a daily basis. Try to look back over the last couple of weeks and ask yourself if you have used your time wisely. If not, do not let the next eight weeks fly by in the same way.

Secondly, make a change. If you do not make changes, you will get the same result as what you have been getting so far.

It is completely fine to be selfish about your time, especially for good reasons such as your health. Instead of spending timeless hours playing video games or chatting on the phone, you can utilize this time for planning your fitness routine and putting it to action.

Keep The Right Attitude

Worrying about your age, height, appearance, weight and etc. will only keep you from reaching your goals. Every person has his and her own insecurities and there is nothing wrong about it.

Instead of making it an obstacle to your goals, you just have to keep the right attitude in addressing these insecurities. With the correct mindset, you will gradually increase your strength and boost your confidence to help you push harder.

Start Small And Work Your Way Up

Losing weight and becoming fitter will be difficult at first. You can expect that simple low-impact exercises are not enough to reach your goals in just eight weeks. Beginning with complicated, high-impact exercises at the first few weeks will do no much good either as it will tire you too much.

The key here is to start small and build up your routine from there. You can get some of your friends and family involved and make a commitment to keep you motivated. Getting started is the most difficult stage, but as soon as you gain your momentum, you will find yourself getting stronger by the day.

Focus On How Great You Feel

Becoming physically fit does not only lead to a flat stomach, a slim physique and bigger muscles, it also exudes an infectious and happy energy to your surroundings.

If you feel enthusiastic, happy and bubbly, your mood can be contagious and can inspire others around you. So try not to focus on how your exercises can be physically challenging. Instead, think about how you will feel in the long run and how others can appreciate your good vibe when you are around them.

Use A Variety Of Exercises

Using one exercise routine for an entire eight-week-program will drain and bore you out. Try different exercises to keep things interesting. For example, instead of going back to the gym for a week, try road running. Though it is not for everyone, it is certainly an experience that you can possibly enjoy.

Experiment with different exercises, sports and fitness classes like yoga or zumba. You can perhaps join a swimming program to improve your breaststroke skills and increase your stamina.

Be Creative With Commitments

Most adults have serious and unavoidable commitments. If you cannot leave your home for the day, or if you need to watch the kids for the entire weekend, there are plenty of activities you can do at home. You can play with the kids in your back garden, clean your entire home, or allot a few hours for exercising at home.

Compete With Yourself And Nobody Else

There will always be other people who are more competent at exercising, fitter and stronger than you. Keep in mind that becoming healthy is not a competition. Do not focus on what they have that you do not. Treat these people as an inspiration to achieve your goals.

Compete with your old self and beat the excuses you have had before you decided to make a change in your life. The challenge now is how to be stronger and more focused compared to who you were months ago.

Make The Most Out Of Your Days

Time is a crucial factor in achieving and maintaining a healthy body. Nobody knows what can happen in the future. You probably have all the time in the world now but you could be busier the next year.

Becoming fit in a short span of time such as eight weeks is all about getting yourself out there and making the most of your time. Try not to skip a day of exercising and always find enjoyable yet healthy foods. Do not put off working out if you can already start today.